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Default Ram Error or... ?

I googled tech forums and got this site. There seems to be a lot of people helping each other here and I'm hoping I can get the same type of help. The first few paragraphs are pretty much what I put before getting suggestions about RAM, so it's not really the game issue, but I figured I should include all information.

So I finish putting together my new system and everything appears to be fine. Until I try to install the game "World of Warcraft", I beging to get various errors. At first I thought it was this WinBorg software I was using instead of normal XP, so this morning I did a CHKDSK and repaired windows, still nothing. So I reinstalled a fresh normal copy of windows on a brand new HD (160GB Seagate SATA) and had the same problem. CHKDSK and repair on that, and nothing, system was seriously fragmented the first time I ran it, though here is how it looks now... my MFT was also like 98% used until I padded it or something .

I've tried multiple cds of the game as well. My copy, a friend's and my roomate's, still nothing. I moved my folder over the network and would crash after I killed a mob due to some error with WoW sharing violation or something. So I uninstalled on my original system, and moved the fresh install folder over, patcher ****ing up with some camera/human **** so still nothing. I've been able to install everything else without any problems, it's just WoW.

So I copied some information from chkdsk in a jpg.
(was partitioned to a smaller size at the time)

And here's the error I keep getting. It's not always this file in paticular, though it is Texture or Terrain.MPQ more than the others (they all seem to be MPQ's when failure occurs). The first time I installed I made it to CD 3 without an error, I haven't made it past CD 1 since.

And here's the error I get after I copy it over the network and then crash while playing.

So I posted about this on a WoW message board and multiple people told me it was most likely bad RAM. I ran a ram diag with the MS software from their site (http://oca.microsoft.com/en/windiag.asp).

LRAND and ERAND (not sure what that is) failed. 117 Errors total. So this morning I go exchange my RAM after argueing with the Tech guy at the store (foolishly) come home, install it and same stuff begins to happen. So I try a new ram check: http://www.memtest86.com/ and get the following.

"L1 Cache: 128 - 18118MB/S
L2 Cache: 512k 4501MB/S
Memory: 1024 2107/MB/s
Chipset: nForce3 250 (ECC: Disabled)
Settings: RAM: 200Mhz (DDR401) / CAS: 2-4-2-5 / Dual Chanel (128 bits)"

Then below that are the results through about 115 minutes (didn't complete it), keep in mind this is brand new memory.

Cached: 1024
RsvdMem: 84k
MemMap: e820-Std
Cache: On
ECC: Off
Test: Std
Pass: 7
Errors: 16
ECC Ers: 0

Tst ----- Pass ---- Failing Address ----------------Good ------------- Bad ------ Err-Bits ------- Count Chan

5 --------- 0 ---- 0003aaf2e20 - 938.1MB --------- 00000000 ----- 00004000 ----- 00004000 ------ 1

5 --------- 0 ---- 0003baf2e00 - 954.1MB --------- 00000000 ----- 00004000 ----- 00004000 ------ 1

7 --------- 0 ---- 0001888deb8 - 392.8MB --------- 627fcc3d ----- 6277cc3d ----- 00080000 ------ 1

7 --------- 1 ---- 0002ecc3478 - 748.1MB --------- dc7f43cd ----- dc7743cd ----- 00080000 ------ 1

5 --------- 2 ---- 0003aaf2e20 - 938.1MB --------- 00000000 ----- 00004000 ----- 00004000 ------ 1

5 --------- 2 ---- 0003baf2e00 - 954.1MB --------- 00000000 ----- 00004000 ----- 00004000 ------ 1

7 --------- 2 ---- 0002fe43198 - 766.1MB --------- dd1d2b1f ----- dd152b1f ----- 00080000 ------ 1

Anyway you get the point, 16 of them and 2 hours through the test when I finally exited it.

Here's the system:
hard drive

looking at test 1-9. 1-4 had 0 errors, test 5 had 12, test 6 had 0, test 7 had 4, test 8-9 had 0. Actual Ram specs say its 2-3-2-6 and mine is doing 2-4-2-5. I don't know how to get that middle number down to 3 though.

At this point I really don't know what to do, I thought I was pretty computer knowledage, but I've never had so many problems with something like this before and am looking for any help I can get.

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I was able to do everything I wanted last night with no problems by moving the second stick of ram to the 3 slot instead of the 2 (so single channel instead of dual). Then about an hour ago I get a blue screen, hear some beeps coming rom inside the case and can't load a third party application.

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I wouldn't have thought Kingston RAM would give you problems

try using only one of the sticks at a time
try disabling paging file
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Yeah, if your RAM is getting errors like that, then somethings faulty there. Either one of the sticks is bad, or for whatever reason they don't want to run in Dual channel together.

You should listen to apokalipse and test each stick seperately. If neither get any errors, then try each stick seperately in each slot in your motherboard, perhaps one of the slots is failing in this case.

Other than those suggestions I'm kind of stuck also. I would have to say my first impression is you're having some awfully bad luck with RAM =/ which makes me think a slot on your MB is the actual culprit.
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disabling the page file will have no effect on this problem once so ever... it will only make matters worse. why? because a lot of apps and games REQUIRE the page file to be active in order to run properly. i hear people telling each other to disable it for more performance, etc. and it is only safe to disable it if u have a certain amount of ram... it's all bull****. the size of the page file has NO IMPACT on performance and disabling it is nothing but trouble.

n e wayz, send me a PM and i will help u remove the errors personally.

see.....you can say what you want to say in your post without bashing other members.......if i were you, i was stay away from posting something like that again.
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ChipX, I have seen way too many of your comments bashing other members. If you feel that you need to correct someone, then fine. But let's not act like a child when doing so.
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ChipX, strike 2.

And in turn, I would like to know what your certified in as I haven't seen you give one valuble post with 100% correct information.

You could say I've been around.
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