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Trotter 12-07-2005 01:44 AM

Radeon X1600 and X1300 AGP to arrive next year
AGP ain't dead yet, but it will be before much longer...


ATI IS planning to carry on with the AGP cards. It invented its Rialto chip and is getting ready to release new AGP cards based on the Rx5xx marchitecture. The Radeon X1600 AGP is the first to come and it can be expected in middle to end of January. The Radeon X1600 PRO AGP card is based on the RV530 and it's bridged with Rialto chip.

We expect very similar clock speeds from AGP parts. The second to come is X1300 based AGP card powered with RV515 chip and bridged down with Rialto. This card is scheduled for February time and until then ATI will try to keep people happy with Radeon 9550 and 9250 that is, happily, shipping as we write. These are still Shader Mode 2.0 parts but they are doing just fine in this market segment.

Unfortunately there won't be any X1800, R520 based AGP cards. ATI decided to finish its high end card AGP introduction. That makes the X850 XT PE the fastest shipping ATI AGP part and Nvidia as well stopped with NV40 based 6800 Ultra.

maroon1 12-07-2005 05:43 AM

X1600 and X1300 AGP... who cares??
6600GT outperforms these two cards and it was available in agp for a year ago, and i don't think that anyone here will wait a year for video card that doesn't outperform midranged and cheap an agp video card that is available today.

nVidia rules!

003 12-07-2005 09:09 AM


Originally posted by maroon1
6600GT outperforms these two cards
You are wrong, sir. The 6600GT outpreforms the X1300, and the X1600 preforms on the level of the 6800GT, however it is more expensive and the new 6800GS beats it.

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