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Default Processor and Hard Drive questions...

Hello, i am in the process of building a computer and i currently have:

Case (480W)
ASUS A8V-E Deluxe
Corsair CMX512-3200XLPT (2x512MB)
Lite On 16x DVD+-R/+-RW
Standard Floppy Drive
Saphire x850XT Platinum Edition w/ Dual DVI and VIVO (PCI-E x16)

Now i currently have 3 problems...

1 - My first problem is, should i get the AMD Athlon 4000 or the AMD Athlon i know that the FX-55 is better, but is it really worth it to get it? Its about $250 more, but should i spend that much more or not? I will be using this computer for video recording/editing and for gaming...

2 - I know nothing about hard drives, but there is one thing i know that i want to do...i would like to get two different hard drives, one that is really high quality, but i dont need that much space...and a secondary hard drive to record all my videos on, and editing videos on ect, which is a hard drive that has a lot of space, but is very crappy...the reason i want to do this is, i have had 3 laptops in the past, and all three times my laptops hard drives have crashed, and i know it is because of the constant recording and erasing of all the raw videos that are recorded and are about 5GB friend told me that i should use SATA, which is better, but he also told me there is somthing specific i need to do with making a floppy disc, i was not really sure what he meant...and should i get a 10,000rpm hard drive for my primary, i mean, is 10,000rpm worth it? one friend said it was a lot better, and the other said i wouldnt notice a difference...

3 - My case that i bought doesnt fully match up the wiring with the motherboard...first, the case comes with 2 USB ports built in, and i found where i should put them on the mother board, and it supports both, BUT each has its own ground wire coming off of it, but there is only one ground pin, because it has 9 pins, and not 10...should i buy some kind of connector to ground both, or does it not really matter? Also, i am having problems connecting the IEEE1394 port, Headphone port, and Microphone port on the case into the motherboard...the pins in the motherboard booklet dont match with the words that are on the pins for the there some place i can take this to get help, or some kind of adapter or something that i can buy to get these to work...

If anyone can help me with any of these opinions/questions, i would greatly appreciate it...thank you

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1. AMD 4000+. The FX-55 is not going to give you a noticable bump, unless you try gaming and recording things at the same time. And why would we want to do that. ^_^

2. I suggest Seagate hard drives. Their quiet, have a 5 year warranty (if your worrying about them dieing on you), and are usually cheap if you look at the money to GB ratio. How many hard drive and of what kind are up to you. SATA is probably best, and you'll want to geat atleast a 7200 RPM drive. Most are that speed anyway, and in recent test, a 7200 RPM Seagate beat out 10,000 RPM Western Digitals. Mhahaha. Try and get an 8 mb buffer on the hard drives as well. This will save information while the hard drive is writing it down, increasing speed.

3. I'm not sure, but I dont think it matters. Dont take my wourd on it...

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If you're going to make a false claim like a seagate 7200 rpm beating a western digital 10m00 rpm then at least post some proof to back up.
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I read it in PC World, and would like to apologize. The Seagate beat the 10,000 RPM drive Raptor in a copy files test, but not the find test.

I searched's site, but could only find a chart that did not post times.

Currently googling for more results.

It should be noted that Maxtor 16 MB buffer hard drives got whomped badly in the same test... again, googling for results.

Hmph... Curse you Pc World. You make me look like a fool!

My apologies... i take back the comment. However, I still can't find a benchmark that makes a 10,000 RPM raptor worth the prce ($2.70 a gig. O_O).

Again, I apologize. I still say seagate barracudas are your best bet.
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fx55 is good because it does not have locked multipliers. but i do not think you will be do any ocing
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The FX-57 and 4200+ are soon to be coming out.

I say, go FX-55, you have come close, so go all the way
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I don't think the guy who is building the computer wants to wait for that.

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