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Default Power Supply Question

I just bought an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (it comes tommowo in the mail) and I read on one website after I bought it that it reccodmends a 300watt PS and another said that a 300watt PS was required. Now I thoguht that my PC would have this, but it turns out that it only has a 250.

Now my real question is, if I try to run this card withmy 250 watt PS do I run the isk of permenantly damaging it? One of my friends said that I woudln't it just wouldn't run well if it wasn't getting enough juice.

But since there is a fan built onto it, I was thinking it might overheat and burnout if it wasn't gettig enough juice.

One more question:

How will I know if hte PS I buy will fit in my gateway case?

The powersupply slot in my case is at the top of the case... so these PS's with fans at the top would just be blowing into the top of the case.... which I assume would be bad.

My PS now has a fan on teh back and on the bottom.

And should I go 300, 350, or 450 watt on the upgrade? Also does OEM or Retail really matter much on a PS?

Edit: Could I turn the PS upside down so the fan that supposed to be on teh top is on the bottom?

Also... if this helps the back of my case has as sticker on it that says "ATXSTF P04 Gateway 700X" I think that might signal what kind of case it is.

Soemone told me earlier that its probalby propriertary or something... but it looks to me like any other type of PS would fit in there, it would just have a fan shooting straight up.

Someone else told me that I should just buy a whole new case... but I don't know if my mother board can come out... it looks riveted in.

Thanks in advance.

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I'd shoot for a new case and PSU It will definitely be worth it after buying that videocard. Would be beyond frustrating to have it reboot constantly from lack of power.

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Well I just live chatted with a gateway representative and they told me they would sell me a a Standard Antec ATX 400watt for 132.50+5 for shipping and handling... so my PC obviously can fit standard PSU's in. I told her I'd go buy myself, and I think I'm going to get an Alllied 450watt PSU for 42 bucks.

Are allied good? All the reviews I read on the site said that people had Allied and they said they ran good for years.
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