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Old 08-23-2003, 07:44 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default power supply for motherboard

I recently purchased the below motherboard so that i could rebuild an older system to give it away. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what is the maximum power supply that I could use with this motherboard. Right now i am looking at either a 300w atx or a 400w atx. but would like suggestions and advice. i am looking for a new case and power supply combination.

FIC ASPEN2 Slot A Motherboard is a perfect companion to any Slot A Athlon processor.

AMD 751 North Bridge
VIA VT82C686A Super South Bridge

Slot A Supports Athlon 500-1000MHz (1GHz) with 200MHz FSB

two 168-pin DIMM sockets for up to 512MB SDRAM, PC100 DIMM support
PC100 DIMM support
Provides ECC (Error Checking Correction) capability

2Mb Flash RAM
APM 1.2 / PnP 1.0a / SMBIOS 2.1 / DMI 2.0 / WfM 1.1a

Expansion Slots
five PCI, one AGP 1x/2x

Onboard I/O
1 RS-232 Serial Port (16550 UART compatible)
1 Parallel Printer Port (SPP/EPP/ECP mode)
1 FDD port (supports LS120, 3 mode, 1.2/1.44/2.88 MB FDD)
1 IEEE-1394 standard FireWire port
Provides IrDA port with optional cable for transceiver
PS/2 Mini-DIN mouse & keyboard ports
2 USB ports
Power Button and HD LED connectors

Hard Drive Interface
Supports two independent channels for 4 IDE devices
Support up to PIO mode 4 & UDMA 33/66 2 PCI bus mastering ATA E-IDE ports

Not Included

Not Included

Form Factor
ATX, Four Layer PCB, 9.6" x 12"

thank you for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i'm not sure what power supply you should put in, but is a fairly good computer so i wouldn't just give it away

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What exactly do you mean by "maximum power supply"? There is no limit on the size of a power supply that will work with any motherboard - just make sure it supplies enough power for drives, fans, etc. Either power supply would work - the 400W would give you a larger reserve and allow you to run more drives, etc.
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Get the highest one you can afford. It can't hurt.
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I guess i was not very clear. Sorry!!! what i was meaning to ask is why type of power supply does it require? I am assuming atx but just wanted to check with others that have more knowledge to be sure.

Also, the computer has an older monitor that plugs into the power supply ... i was looking around at power supplies and see that some atx have the connection that you can plug monitor into and some do not. What are the specs that i need to look for to be sure that i am getting one that you can hook monitor to.

thank you in advanced for all of your help. this is one of the best places to come and have your questions answered.
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the extra ac outlet on the power supply are from older designs. newer power supplys usually dont have that. and im pretty sure the extra outlet simply splits the ac power coming from your wall outlet. plus that sounds like a bad idea if you get a power surge, your computer would fry along with the monitor you plug in the power supply. it would be better to get a power surge protector and plug the power supply in it, separate from the monitor as a safety precaution.

as for the wattage, dont just look at the wattage rating, also look at the price. a 400 watt power supply at $25 is a piece of crap. look to spend about $50 on a decent power supply, 300 watts should be enough unless you have a lot of devices installed
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a few other things i am considering for the computer are . pny vert. geforce2 mx 200 32 mb sdr apg card.

mad dog md performace 2.0 PCI 2 channel sound card.

and an additional 128 mb of pc 100 ram.

all of these will go with this motherboard correct?
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Also looking at a new hard drive for the thing because the old system that i am working from has 3 itty bitty hd with it. i think the largest is 6 gb .. i am considering Seagate 20.4GB / 7200 / 2MB / 8.9 / ATA-100 EIDE Hard Drive. Any thoughts on this ?
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as for the power supply.. i really dont want to go out and buy a new monitor.. i already have a monitor but it is older and has an ac in power cord that requires you to power it from the computers power supply. Is their a way to make that monitor so that it just plugs into a regular outlet instead of having to power it by plugging it into the computer?
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also i am considering getting a new case for the system any suggestions as to what is a good case to purchase. and what i should stay away from.

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