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Default Possible Video Card Problem

I think I have a problem with my video card.
I just recently bought a BFG Geforce 6800 GT. The performance is strange. My proccessor is an athlon xp 2400 but it is overclocked to about 3 gigahertz. Fsb is pushed from 266 to 298 and clock multiplyer is maxed out a 22.5. I have 756 of DDR ram. One stick of 256 and one of 512. Not sure of the brands but I can find out. My motherboard is an Asus A7V8x-x and can run up to 333 FSB.
My system temps seem ok, cpu never goes above 60 and the mobo never goes above 35. I got these from the asus probe program.

When I play older games, like serious sam and call of duty it gets choppy, which really confuses me because with my geforce four it did not.
What's more is that I only get 1-10 frams in 3d mark 2005.
In Doom 3 and Kotor it doesn't matter if it's AA or AF that's on or the resolution. It runs fine until there are models on the screen then slows right down regardless of filters or resolution.

Does it sound like a memory bottleneck on my system? Or maybe faulty hardware?

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YOu know you really only should expect a 1-10 frames on 3dmark2005 look at your system besides the 6800 total crap. You say you are overclocking your 2400 to 3.0ghz but the 2400 stock is like 1.8ghz so if you are overclocking it that high say good by to your damn cpu because it just melted to the bottom of your case
Plus if you are overclocking it to much it causes system falures i.e the choppyness in old games and even crashes. So the lesson here to day is dont over clock your system to high!!! Famous quote i made up "overclocking your system is like making your kid always be the best" quote by BIG_AIZZLE

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Have you tried clocking everything down to where it should be and try 3dmark and those games? That would tell you if its the over clocking. Next you can test each pice of hardware at normal clock and oc, and see if one specificaly is the problem.
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The 6800GT is the only nice thing in your system. Get a new everything else and keep your 6800, and you will have a darn nice system.
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have you updated the bios along with updated chipset drivers ?
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Ok well maybe I have some helpful advice than keeps the system. Try getting Windows XP SP2, this helped me for the reason that it can get rid of embeded trojans. If you dont have XP dont use the money for it, but if you do then get it. Also check everything like SpyBot or Lavasoft, viruses etc. This might be the solver. Good luck.
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How can the CPU be at 300FSB with a 22.5 multi =3ghz? thats like 6.75 or something. Chipset drivers make a huge difference in performance of vid cards.

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That's like a 66% overclock on that chip, if it's real, then sweet!
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but the 2400 stock is like 1.8ghz
stock 2400+ XP is 2GHz, stock 35w 2400+ XP-M is 1.8GHz. I have both chips so please don't try to argue this.

Back to the topic...You're running a 266FSB Processor in a 333FSB motherboard with you didn't even tell us what kind of RAM....you need to upgrade your CPU, Mobo, and RAM if you aren't using PC3200(400MHz) RAM....if you have like PC2100 RAM then the RAM and CPU should be communicating on the same speeds and give you optimum performance for that set, however if you have PC2700 or even PC3200 RAM then you have a bottleneck and your CPU is too slow to keep up with the RAM. However, being that your board has a max of 333FSB I'm going to assume you don't have PC3200 RAM....in order to get proper performance out of that machine you need to get a 400FSB CPU, Mobo, and RAM, or if you are feeling daring you can take a chip such as the 35w 2400+ XP-M and it's easily overclockable. If you look at my sig I've got mine at 2.7GHz currently...it's stock 266FSB but you can change it to 400FSB and change it from 13.5x133 = 1.8GHz and change it to 9x200 = 1.8GHz, in this instance you aren't overclocking, but you've raised your FSB from 266 (133x2) to a 400FSB system (200x2) if you're wondering why it's times 2 it's because RAM is DDR which means DOUBLE data rate so that's where that 2 comes in.

but it is overclocked to about 3 gigahertz. Fsb is pushed from 266 to 298 and clock multiplyer is maxed out a 22.5.
What are you getting your readings from because you basically contradict yourself...266x22 = 6GHz my friend so if the FSB and multiplier are what you say then it'd be WAY past 3GHz...beyond that the stock 2400+ XP has a locked multiplier of 15 so I'm pretty sure you don't have to worry about the multiplier being changed....

Like I said where are you seeing these readings from? Go into your BIOS and make sure your CPU clock is 133 and your multiplier to either AUTO or at 15
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Ok thanks to the people that gave me advice.

By the way, it's not 22.5 times 290. it's 22.5 times 145. 290 then is for the ram, instead of 266 which it is normally. The multiplyer is normally 15, and mines at 22.5.
So instead of 15 times 133 (doubled is 266 for the ram) = 1995 (2ghz)

Mine is

22.5 times 145 = 3262.5

It is overclocked that high I've put some time into seeing it is properly cooled, and the multiplier on mine is changeable, I made sure of that before I bought it. In my bios it allows me to change those options.

I will try clocking things down (thank you AND_YOU_ARE) and see what difference that makes.

I am thinking of upgrading when I can, I know that processor is aging, but I didn't think it would be too bad to really hold me back.

Yeah I updated the chipset and latest mobo bios drivers. This mobo has caused me grief before when it cacked and I had to send it back to the manufacturer to get fixed.

And I have XP2, but I will doulbe check for viruses and stuff.

Nubius I'm not trying to argue stuff, I'm just seeking some advice. The kind of Ram is DDR 266, or PC2100. Thanks for telling me but yeah I know that the DDR ram frequency is doubled because it transmits data on both the rising and falling edges of the clock. I'm not running as fast a proccessor and ram as I could, as the cpu has an fsb of 266, and the ram is on that same level. it's pushed up a bit, which I thought would help with games. Is it enough though? Should I push it further or would you reccomend getting a new CPU, Mobo, and Ram

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