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Default Re: Pc Vs Ps3

Originally Posted by zedman3d View Post
Why would Microsoft let Sony use DirectX in their consoles?
No. Software designers for Sony only focus on sony's engine, I don't know what it uses. But it's all designed around the ps3's hardware and it is utilized to its best potential. But with the PC the software designers have to design the software for multiple GPU's, processors and Direct X.

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Default Re: Pc Vs Ps3

Originally Posted by nitestick View Post
a couple of guys said that a game being exclusive to a platform makes it better. i find that a pretty bizarre statement, how does it only being available on a console make it any better?
I think the biggest reason why DirectX was introduced was to provide a uniform environment for programmers to develop on non-identical systems. This way, the programmer does not need to worry about what kind of hardware is lying underneath. DirectX will also introduce extra layers of abstraction which will introduce some delay - even though I personally think this will not be a big deal in the big scheme of things.

In any case, when you develop to a single platform, you can squeeze out every little bit out of that system. You essentially cater your whole game to that one single platform - instead of worrying about the whole world so to speak when you develop to the PC.

I think a good analogy is C programming vs assembly programming. Many C programs (not all of course) can ignore the underlying platform for the most part and simply depend on the compiler to generate the necessary/optimized machine code for the target CPU. The compiler doesn't know what your program is about and it will simply use its optimization algorithms etc. etc. to do the best it can. In any case, an experienced assembly programmer can take this code and optimize it further if he knows that the target platform is only going to be a specific one.

That being said, I personally think the PC is more powerful - simply because the PS3 is getting older by the day. An extreme example is of course if I tell a person to develop specifically to a PIII 650 MHz vs "all" types of PCs, I would still bet more money on the "all types of PC" game running better on a new quad-core with 4 GB of memory with a super-duper graphics card than the equivalent "PIII 650 MHz game" running on the P3 . Its not there yet with the PS3, but I think the difference in quality will be more noticeable soon......

Originally Posted by Sox18 View Post
Because the game is developed around the console rather than direct X.
I know we are talking about the PS3. That being said, still I think the XBox uses DirectX even though its a console. But, I am sure MS programmers don't strictly adhere to the DirectX APIs considering they KNOW what the underlying platform is and can take advantage of the more intimate details of the hardware.

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Default Re: Pc Vs Ps3

XP, Vista, etc. will not run on a PS3 because the processor is not x86 architecture.

Linux will, however, and I have seen a video of someone running an emulator to emulate win XP on his PS3.
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Default Re: Pc Vs Ps3

thats certinaly an intersting argument

The only thing ATi can render faster than nVidia is the BSOD

SLI ON INTEL P45: http://www.techist.com/pc/f76/sli-intel-chipset-219886/

<<< i like rep :D
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Default Re: Pc Vs Ps3

Originally Posted by AP4LIFETN View Post
ps3 has a nvidia 7 series GPU

= very powerful
actually the nvidia rsx gpu for the ps3 is equivelant to a 6800 ultra., and it is based off tha tchip the 360 chip is the predecesor to the 3870. tell him to have a look at far cry 2 and crysis, there is proof right there tha tconsoles cant compete with a pc, also usually multi platform games look much better on pc, fear, and call of duty 4 are perfect examples.

also isnt the ps3 opengl? and the xbox one is dx8 and the 360 is dx9

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Default Re: Pc Vs Ps3

Originally Posted by Chankama View Post

In any case, when you develop to a single platform, you can squeeze out every little bit out of that system. You essentially cater your whole game to that one single platform - instead of worrying about the whole world so to speak when you develop to the PC.
I know what your saying, but all they need to do is make sure it runs on lowest settings on the minimum requirements. Every game has them.

I still prefer PC gaming as it looks better and gives you more control. Also you can squeeze out more life from a PC then you can from a console.

I played GTA San Andreas on my e machines with integrated graphics and it didn't lag and looked better then the console imo.

I prefer mouse + keyboard combo for games also, paddles just get on my nerves.
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Default Re: Pc Vs Ps3

I use a game pad for sports games, well its an adapter so i can use my PS2 controller on my comp

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