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Default Re: Pc Vs Ps3

Apparently he does not understand the meaning of ONBOARD GFX chip. :laughing:

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Default Re: Pc Vs Ps3

I have heard of people running multiple ps3 together since they have (in a sense) 8 cores.

But pc still wipes the floor with it.

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Default Re: Pc Vs Ps3

Simple breakdown:

Ps3= Graphics chip (onboard)

Pc = Graphics CARD (not onboard, more powerful)

Nuff said.
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Default Re: Pc Vs Ps3

Originally Posted by Redmo0n View Post
I have heard of people running multiple ps3 together since they have (in a sense) 8 cores.

But pc still wipes the floor with it.
Just as i stated above there are Data Center Server, like at Google or Microsoft, that can run with 8 Dual core or Quad Core CPU along with 128GB of RAM. That is a single Data Center Server. I am sure that would beat out a string of PS3's in no time. Not to mention if you really wanted to have at it just string up some of those bad boys. Would kill the PS3's.
I do not accept support questions via EMail, PM, IM or my G+ page!

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Default Re: Pc Vs Ps3

obviously your dealing with a bser, there are tons of those around the world get used to them ignore the lies
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Default Re: Pc Vs Ps3

Well I definitely prefer my PC to any console, but if I had the money I would take both.
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Default Re: Pc Vs Ps3

yeah, this dude knows nothing. Video games will always look better on PC if you have the right equipment. That dude is nuts
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Default Re: Pc Vs Ps3

I've argued about this many times before. And here's my take on it:

I'm very much a computer enthusiast, but you can't compare hardware-to-hardware.

The PS3 exclusives will look incredibly good, cross-platform not so much, PC will always have the advantage there. AAA PC exclusives will never look as good as a AAA console exclusives though, unless of course, you're paying a price (like performance). BUT... AAA PC exclusives also tend to get the better graphics sooner than consoles, there's usually a considerable amount of time before console visuals peak. PC has the advantage there. If you within the high-range of computer systems, you're getting bleeding-edge visuals.

As far as console exclusives looking better, this is because you have a team dedicated to making a game on one platform rather than on multiple platforms, and with PCs developers have to do a tough balancing act because there can be so much variance in hardware. Think about it; Most games now, in order to be financially succesful on PC (to reach a wide audience) need to be able to run from at least 6600GT or a 9800Pro, there's a whole range of hardware between those older cards and the 9800GX2 and 3870X2, and you've gotta also cover compatibility with cards being released in the future and you've also got two GPU brands to optimize the game for. You don't have that problem with a console. I must note though, that it takes time for console exclusives to look better, they might start out looking worse than PC exclusives, but over time, as developers get used to the hardware, the visuals tend to get much better.

Imagine you sent your computer to Crytek and they were only going to make Crysis to run as best as possible on your computer alone. Yeah, you'd get some pretty nifty visuals and performance beyond what we're experiencing now.

Just as an example, the PS2 was released in 2000, and even by that time's standards had some pretty poor hardware inside of it, yet with an entire team working on one platform, you can get some pretty amazing visuals for such an 'outdated' system, like God of War or Shadow of the Colossus (just a few I can think off the top of my head) and the Resident Evil 4 port was also done quite well.

You've also gotta take price into consideration as well. But PCs are just capable of so much more than just gaming and it also has a strong culture that's not comparable to the console culture.

Consoles and PCs have their advantages in this way.
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Default Re: Pc Vs Ps3

^ very long sum up of what i am going to say

the ps3 is designed with games in mind, you will find that the only difference between my ps3 and a friends ps3 would possibly be the HDD

over the life span of a console the graphics on it will get better just take the ps1 to the ps2 to the ps3, each top end game on each console relates to a low end game on the next console

but like stated before a pc is a multipurpose system which can do everything a ps3 can do plus some (well a lot)

as for windows xp / vista running on the ps3 it is possible and has been done but it was done though linux as far as i know but as also stated before it doesn't run very well at all

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Default Re: Pc Vs Ps3

correct me if i'm wrong but is the Cell not a PPC based processor ? you can't run windows on PPC without some interesting emulation.

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