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tigerfootball05 04-27-2005 10:37 PM

PC speaker problem?
I have a Dell 4300 from a couple years ago and it works fairly well mos tof the time. Recently though, whenever i connect to the internet (dang slow dail-up) it makes the whole connecting noise and then connects and i'm all good but then the connecting noise never really goes away like it used to. It just makes some annoying cricket sounding noise. I am getting to the point to where i am thinking about disconnecting the computer speaker just to shut it up! Please help.

Elbatrop1 04-28-2005 12:08 AM

The modem itself actually has a speaker. Usually you can turn off the speaker. Just go to device manager and go into the properties of your modem, and there should be a setting to turn off that pesky speaker.

The51 04-28-2005 03:34 PM

Or you can throw it out the window?

Elbatrop1 04-28-2005 04:06 PM


Originally posted by The51
Or you can throw it out the window?
I think the only thing that should be thrown out the window is comments like that.

SHAWN 04-28-2005 04:43 PM

Or you can join the century and upgrade to cable

DJ-CHRIS 04-28-2005 04:45 PM


Originally posted by SHAWN
Or you can join the century and upgrade to cable
He is in texas, probolly cant get cable or DSL.

tigerfootball05 04-28-2005 10:33 PM

OK i tried turning it off in properties but its still going. Any other sugestions (p.s. i haven't restarted the pc or disconnected from the internet since i disable the speaker)

btw i can get cable and dsl (not all of texas is country) but my parents are cheap and wont pay for it. i'll have a T1 connection in the fall in college.

Blitze105 04-28-2005 10:42 PM

first u should reboot... and ur speaker might be broke if it isn't fixed after that. might want to just try a new modem? they are usually pretty cheap. if not tell me what kind of modem and ill help some more i guess

tigerfootball05 04-29-2005 04:45 PM

ok tried rebooting and it didn't work. Now i'm purty sure the sound is not coming from my modem speaker because the modem speaker made the normal connecting noise while the annoying noise was still going on. Any other ideas?

Elbatrop1 04-30-2005 01:33 AM

Maybe it is your PC speaker. You can just unplug that. If you need to do bootup troubleshooting, you can always plug it back in.

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