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Default Overclocking a video card

Hi, new to the forum and I had a question about overclocking my video card. As I am rather new to this type of computing I'm hoping you can bear with me. I have a 64 mb geforce 2 mx440 and I have overclocked it up 50 mhz on the core clock and 14 mhz on the memory clock speed. I'm wondering how high I could push it before worrying about the cooling aspect. I'm looking to get the most for my money out of the card and your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Well if it's a PCI card I'd say **** it and buy a comp (or just a mobo) with an AGP slot old man...You really are screwed on that aspect lol....gl, hopefully someone here can help.

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You can crank your core and memory both until artifacts appear on your screen when playing games. Just crank them up one at a time slowly (1 or 2 M at a time) then run 3dmark or play a graphic intensive game for 10 min. and check for artifacts. Do this until artifacts appear and then take your frequency down one or two steps until your artifacts appear. Proceed with the other one and do the same thing.
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I've got the same card Cxar except mines worse actually at 32mb. I believe stock core is 177MHz and stock memory is 166MHz. I read an article on the GeForce 2 which we have that was written back when the gf2 ultra was top of the line. They got theres to like 210MHz I believe for the core and like 195MHz for the memory and basically the jist of the whole thing was, increasing the core won't get you performance, its increasing the memory that will get you more performance. Its a cheapass card, you can really afford to burn that **** up and get an equivelant card for $30. Mine doesn't even have a heatsink on it, just the chip and I raised core to 195MHz and memory to 186MHz. 20 above memory stock and 18 above core stock and I experienced no artifacts whatsoever. I haven't left it at that though, I played to see how it'd actually improve and then I set it back. Good luck
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good luck with the o,cing,but I like to keep my stuff a while lol,but go download the newest driver for that card from nvidia,because that is what I did and it has a built in o`cer if u install coolbits in it,which u obviously already have,but I would not recommend applying the settings to startup because you might have a pc that won`t boot because of it.Anyway the new driver I got has a built in button that auto o`cs my card,and sets it to what it will do safely,but I have only done it to see what it would do and don`t o`c mine myself.Good luck hope that helped,don`t know whether it applys to you or not since my card is 5900.
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yeah I particularly do h ave coolbits installed, but yeah you got that being I raised the core and memory and whatnot. Yeah I wouldn't recommend putting the APPLY TO STARTUP either because if it crashes you'd rather it go back to default settings.
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if you want to o/c the memory speed, u should check the vendor memory on your graphic card, some low-end memory chips even can't handle the different of 5MHz from the default speed. My friend o/c'ed his GeForce 2MX's memory speed just up for 6 MHz, then one of the memory chips on the graphic card was damaged.

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