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Old 03-12-2005, 01:43 PM   #21 (permalink)
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read this

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TheComputerPro, have you actually read the sticky about overclocking in this forum? You need to watch your temperature for one thing, if it get's too hot then it could cause some damage. You can't just ask people if putting your CPU multiplier at 20 is a good idea because every computer is different. Increasing the FSB is a much better idea, but you'll have to figure out how far to go yourself.

By the way, you will never be able to get your computer to go 20 times faster. The most you can hope to achieve under normal circumstances is about 20% more performance.

And if you fry your CPU, then no it will never work again.


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Dude, you can't just set the multiplier to 20 and expect everything to work all fine and dandy. Overclocking is a delicate procedure which takes a bit of patient and some trial and error.

The FSB should be increased slowly by small increments, usually only a few megahertz each time. You cannot simply expect a processor to run perfectly fine at 10Ghz, every processor has an architechtural limit and you can't just raise up the FSB or multiplier like a mad man.

Coming from someone who thought overclocking was something they could buy, I would strongly advise that you do not mess with your clock speed as it gets into a lot more detail than simply raising numbers.
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Originally posted by TheComputerPro
what do you mean..."be this way"
Oblivious to what everyone's saying? Three or four people had to tell you that overclocking wasn't a program/hardware add-on. You asked so many questions that are answered in full and then some in the overclocking thread (o/c as we call it on the streets) but yet you read and rully understood it? Your
name, "TheComputerPro." It's obviously a joke or someone is really confident in their lack of knowledge. I would definitely say it's a joke...anyone who doesn't know what overclocking is, or even hasn't heard the term used correctly, is certainly not a "pro." Live with it. Sorry if I seem like a jerk, but I'm simply stating the facts.

Oh, and gaara, Fugger got his to 7.22GHz...I bet he could hit 10 with some work.
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Most multipliers are locked

READ THE STICKY (Any pro should know to read sticky's )
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Originally posted by TheComputerPro
what do you mean "fried", will it still work, i want my computer to go 20 times faster so i wont mind
By now all of you should relize he is joking. The fact that anyone is still trying to reason with him and explain is highly gullible.

In before lock.
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lol this thread is funny. hasn't anyone realized that he's joking??

hahaha, reminds of the post a few months ago about some guy asking hhow the internet works. really hilarious.
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I AM NOT JOKING y does everyone think im joking....i know everything about computers except the overclocker......this thread is not a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to make my computer go faster using the overclocker!!!! please help
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wow lmfao this guy is funnny lmfoaooooo

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