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Default Over 512MB RAM... is it necessary?

What do you think? Is there a noticable difference between 512MB and 768MB? Especially in Gaming of course.

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u r installing full stick of 256MB and asking for difference, u even will fine diference as if u install 128

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Depends on the speed. Make sure both sticks are the same speed, or get a new stick with a higher speed.
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Yes...others at this forum will tell you that you will never need over 512MB of RAM, but I am here to tell you from experience that 512MB isn't enough, especially for gaming. You will experience lag after exiting games plus lower performance in games like Doom 3. Get 768MB, if not 1GB.
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Depends on what you're doing with it, but you may or may not notice a 256mb response. If you're doing some power-computing, or heavy gaming, then yes. Otherwise, if you notice the change, you're lucky.

Why only buy 256mb though? I mean, RAM is so dirt cheap now. 512mb wouldn't set you back much further...unless you buy that over-priced "SUPER ULTRA SUPREME DELUX LL LIGHTNING" stuff. Besides, buying super-fast RAM won't do a thing for you if your current RAM is slower than the RAM you're buying.

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for gaming at least 512. if you do any kind or large file editing(video, photo, etc.) get at least a 1gb. gig is the way to go just so you know you have that extra umphh if needed.
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My games do not lag at all on 768MB of DDR. That SHOULD be enough for you if it's enough for me.

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is your mobo dual channel because if so putting that stick in will not allow it to run in dual channel and then you may even notice a speed decrease since youll have more ram but it will be running at a slower speed.
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it depensds, if he has 1 stick of 512 in there, yes it will, if he has 3 slots and 2 256s...

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