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Old 07-12-2005, 04:25 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Exclamation Ordering Parts Today -- Please Advise

I think I've decided on the all the components for my new machine, but I need a little more help. I will be using it for gaming and HL2 mapping. Please give it the once over, if you could, and let me know if there are any compatability issues or other problems with any of the components. I'll not be modifying any parts or doing any overclocking and I have never built a comp before, so I'd like any parts to have good manuals and be easy to assemble and configure. I just want something reliable that is easy for a complete noob to put together.

Also, can you tell me what other parts or materials I'll need to assemble everything (like cables, adaptors, glue, whatever)?

Thanks a ton for looking it over I really appreciate it!

Case $48
PSU $77.25
Mobo $124.99
CPU $324.95
Video Card $320.00
RAM $83.82
HD $105.00
Optical $52.79
OS $94.90 (What's 2002 version?)
Total $1,234.70 US including tax & shipping

*I already have a monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse.
**I used Newegg just to show the items, but most were found cheaper elsewhere.

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im gonna say something about the graphics card, but so many people are gonna disagree with me.

Instead of eVGA, i would go to LeadTek.

No flame please.

Not a personal thing, just the 100000 pages ive read up on the internet favours leadtek over ... pretty much all nvidia

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Old 07-12-2005, 09:41 AM   #3 (permalink)
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Originally posted by Xiahou
instead of eVGA, i would go to LeadTek.

Not a personal thing, just the 100000 pages ive read up on the internet favours leadtek over ... pretty much all nvidia
Try to find a Leadtek that cheap. It was a good decision to get the eVGA. It's nearly of equal quality to the Leadtek if not the same or better, and you're saving a good amount of cash.

Otherwise, it looks fine to me. You could probably do better with an NEC-3540A burner. You could also look into the Neo4 Platinum SLI which is an upgraded version. It would just add cost to be honest and bring you a bit more, other than that, looks fine.

Make sure your PSU matches your motherboard.
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Old 07-12-2005, 11:11 AM   #4 (permalink)
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Ya, I would also say Leadtek, but that eVGA for so cheap, I think might be a better deal. I don't like that PSU, this one is a lot better:
While the 10,000 RPM hard drive is nice, your going to be wanting more than 36GB mighty fast. Only other thing I will suggest is that you get a DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D motherboard instead. You may also want XP Pro.
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I don't have a huge amount of games on my pc (2 games) a couple of programs and I have used over 80% of what that HDD. can hold. It is also just as fast to have 2 80gb Seagates/WD hdd in RAID0 array, and gives you amble space.

The DFI lanparty boards is cheaper and are better (only juts) than MSI, so you may want to use one of those instead.

If you are not overclocking, and have no plans ever to, you could save a few $'s on getting generic ram where you are not paying for the not so great name of Corsair.

I would keep the PSU you chose. Antec are one of the best quality PSU's you can buy (next to OCZ and a couple of others.)

It is all compatible though.

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Old 07-12-2005, 12:27 PM   #6 (permalink)
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I think might be a better deal. I don't like that PSU, this one is a lot better:
Its also $50 more. The Antec he chose will be perfectly fine.

You may also want XP Pro.
I have no idea why you would say this. XP Pro is good for a "Professional" setting, hence the name. If you are joining this computer to a domain, or have several users, all needing very specific permissions and privileges, then get Pro, otherwise, save some money and get XP Home.

When you are not overclocking, you obviously dont look at the overclocking potential of motherboards. It pretty well comes down to reliability and ease of installation and setup. Also, considering that motherboards that use the same chipset have negligible performance differences. As for reliablity, DFI has been proven to be reliable, as well as Gigabyte and MSI.

So, if all 3 boards are considered to be reliable, whats left? Ease of installation and setup. I can personally vouche for Gigabyte, as I just built myself a AMD system using a Gigabyte board. The board itself was easy to install, as well as the connections on the board easy to find and read. The manual was clear and concise, and gave useful directions. There was no BIOS flash needed. After assembly, I plugged it in went into BIOS to see that everything was detected and working perfectly. The monitoring software that came with the board was easy to use and was stable.

Now, I am not saying one brand is better than the other. I cant say that because I am yet to use an MSI or DFI board. I can say that my experience with Gigabyte was a good one, and that I recommend Gigabyte.

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I would suggest a DFI LanParty board, eathier the nF4 Ultra-D 939, or the 939 SLI edition its like 15-20 bucks more for the Ultra D and probably 75-100 more for the SLI DFI boards are nice bro.

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Now, I currently have a MSI K8N2 Delta mobo.. it's given me some grief. the agp slot diddn't work all the time as sometimes my comp wouldn't boot.. but since that vidcard fried and I'm on my older one it works fine.

installing onna MSI mobo is pretty easy, the layout's pretty good on that neo board.. much better than the one I have. stupid power connector to the mobo was on the other side of the cpu socket, so I have this huge chunk of wire choking my HSF.. that's why my comp runs at a steady 50ºC on stock and my HSF is a thermaltake volcano12 too.. so that's seriously ghey.. but hey, got the HSF for free since it's partially damaged, so can't complain too much, lol.
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Thanks a lot
I'm going to do one last price check on all the stuff, then I'm ordering. Couple questions though:

1. That windows XP home... does that look straight? It's like $100 less than the usual full retail version.

2. If I get another HD in the future, does it have to be the exact same model to run them in raid? Or will a comperable 10,000 rpm drive work.
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Seriously stick with 2 7.2k HDD in RAID 0 as you get a bigger boost from that than having 2 10k hdd.

Yes, and No. You can have different ones, but don't. Its best to stick with the same 2 hdd.


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