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yea, i think I might make an external HD, back up all my stuff then FORMAT:C

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512 is hell of ram to work on photoshop.

have you installed photoshop on same directory? create partitions of your hard drive if your havent got before, this I have told you earlier as well.

sp2 shouldnt interfere with photoshop's performance. I have runned photoshop on 256MB system with sp2 installed even.

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Originally posted by ekÆsine
I didn't notice that until now here's the discussion in text:
Thanks! Much appreciated!
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I'm actually suprized that you guys missed this one.. Look at the last process in his list.. System idle process taking 97% of resources..

I bet your system has been running slower and slower recently too, to the point where sometimes other stuff takes forever to load, and sometimes doesn't load at all? Welllllll.. Guess what??

Pal, you got spyware and malware on that system.. Pick up a copy of cwshredder, hijackthis, and adaware and get the spyware off the system.. You are probably going to have to do a scan with hijackthis and post it to the forum so we can tell you what to turn off, because hijackthis takes no prisoners and you have to be carefull what you kill with that...

If you are lucky, It's not one of the nasty malware proggies, cause they can be a real pain to get rid off..

On top of that.. You have WAY too much crap running.. Just because you have a gig of ram doesn't mean that the CPU can thread all of that junk in a timely manner all at the same time.. That's why I hate buying a computer from someone else because they always have shiz loading on boot that no one every needs..

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the system idle process shows the percentage of the cpu's computing power or whatever u wanna call it that is "idle".. meaning being not utilized.. i only have 256MB of ram and with win xp pro with all the settings turned up for optimal gui goodies.. my cpu idle process usually runs at around 95-97 when im not doing nething on the comp.. and i can run photoshop cs just fine.. perhaps it is the extra processes running in the back ground... try backing up the data u need zeroing down ur internal hd and reinstalling windows from scratch and ur problems shud magically dissapear
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I ran xp pro on my old computer, and it ran better than that (i didn't have any extra ram with it) I cant remember edzactly how much % usage it used, but it was less than that with nothing open, but it went alot higher when ever i wanted to do anything (high 90's)

I then got annoyed with it, because it took for ever to start up and shut down and formatted c.


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