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Originally posted by VIII
ur missing the god dam point! for a fellow aussi ur pretty slow
Wow, that's so cute isn't it?

Somebody ban this fool...

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Someone should just lock this thread, you are never going to reach a solid and substancial answer that proves that one card manufacturer is better than the other, and it seems that people have now resorted to petty insults to prove their points rather than presenting facts.

As I've mentioned before, as long as both companies exist, neither will be 100% superior to the other, both cards have their strengths, and as much as we would like to deny, their weaknesses. You cannot say that one card is better than the other, it does make more sense to say that one card will perform better in a certain enviroment under a certain application, but the statement "nvidia is better" is far too broad, as nVidia is obviously not the absolutely best manufacturer for every single type of enviroment, it's just not true.

Also, to the person claiming their 6800GT was better than a 9800Pro, this isn't really a valid argument seeing as how the 9800Pro is a second generation card that is around 2 years old, and the 6800GT is a first generation card that may be a couple months old tops.

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Originally posted by VIII
ur missing the god dam point! for a fellow aussi ur pretty slow
Looks like someone is on a one-way trip to Bansville
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Cool "It's true..."

Originally posted by apokalipse
I don't want to argue about it, but it is true.
Nvidia cards do perform better in OpenGL, and ATI cards do perform better in Direct3D. this is why Nvidia cards win in Doom 3 benchmarks, and ATI cards beat Nvidia in HL2
I just did a Google search and found some benchmarks, and it's true... But it didn't used to be that way. 2 years ago, ATI lead the OpenGL business and nVidia's Direct3D just kept getting better and better.It just seems that no matter how you look at it, there both even. So there's no point in saying: Nvidia is the worst thing in the world!!

Originally posted by bonehelm

I just found out I\'ve been using direct X 8.1 since its out.
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Default Re: NVIDIA is the worst thing in the world

Originally posted by SanToast
Now that I have your attention.

I have a question for all of the NVIDIA fans out there...

What makes NVIDIA better than ATI?

I bet you that NOT ONE PERSON can provide a logical answer...

So why do people post "NVIDIA OWNS ATI" or "NVIDIA IS BETTER"?
Right.. I am not starting anything here, but I have seen your militant ATI posts... so are you not being a bit hypocritical..

I HATE ATI, thats right I HATE them... I had some terrible experiences with their cards in the past... ranging from terrible drivers, terrible tech support... and then in the worst case... a small fire... I will never ever go back to ATI again... so these are my personal reasons!

But as for proper technical reasons I turned to online comparisons... There are many things that Nvidia do kick ATIs arse on... overall Nvidia seem to perform better on the majority of games (though not all of them), whereas ATI benchmark better on things like 3dmark03 which at the end of the day means nothing unless you like waving your score around... but personally i'd rather have a better gaming experience..

At the end of the day Nvidia and ATI are in direct competition with each other and as a result the performance between the two isnt that different... Both companies make good cards and thats the end of it! I am sick of seeing people claiming that you arent a real gamer unless you have an ATI... why? My card performs well... my gaming experience is near perfect... I have a nvidia card! I am also sick of these debates... as you can see I am not above bias... I always buy nvidia now and would like to think that nvidia are the better cards.. but at the end of the day its a close call... but such bad experiences in the past cement it for me!

So people... quit these which is better threads, who cares Intel or AMD... they both make quality products (otherwise people wouldnt buy them), nvidia or ATi (again both make quality products)... I just think it is so lame to be competing over some things we didnt even make ourselves... i mean you went to a shop (or online) and bought one.. wow how does that give anyone a reason to brag...

here is my challenge... if anyone wants to tell us that one card is better than another... make the card (from scratch) yourself... then I will be impressed and call you guru!
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1. nvidia has better drivers
I disagree on that, ati has the catalyst with AI that increase performance. It also has overdrive.
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Both company's have been making crappy cards lately, and we should all just agree on that.
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To be honest I dont trust people on these forums because of threads like these. When there is such die-hard company loyalty people WILL see things the way they want to. If you are an Nvidia fan you will scream support for Pixel Shader 3, if you are an ATI Flagwaver you could argue for AA or AF or whatever. I dont listen to people on these forums all that much because everyone is so opinionated that its hard to wade through all the bull**** and find some solid evidence and fact. I google the damn thing and read a bunch of reviews from people who actually are doing the benchmarks themselves. Reputable sites such as Tom's that will give me a solid answer, and then I go read another review in case they had a bias, then I may even search for another review, if I see conclusive consistent evidence then I can use that. I then weigh what is important to me ie- Intels are better at numbers, I dont care about numbers so much as what AMD can provide me with which was a good speed at lower cost, good performance in games, and 64-bit support. I then bought an AMD, some however do different things than I do, I wish them luck and hope they find the hardware that fits their needs. I am personally having some doubts about how soon Windows 64 will come out and maybe I'll want a new card by that time. But I researched it online, chose a card for me, and bought the thing off Ebay. I do not have regrets but I keep my mind open so I can provide myself with better hardware. Most hardware is not bought by individual consumers but major companies. These companies do not care about raging screaming fans, they care about performance, stability, and satisfaction of customers. If these companies that people say are so much worse were in fact that much worse, they would not be in business now would they? A computer building company isnt gonna throw their always-trusted graphics card company a bone by buying up crap cards to show loyalty and keep them afloat. It is about business, and these companies are still in business, they seem to each have wins and losses regarding series of technologies that they put out, but everyone seems to forget about the past. Even if Nvidia did win the x800 vs 6800 battle, when I first joined this forum it was all songs and praises for the 9800 and to hell with Nvidia and their abysmal 5950, people need to look at the scores and specs and decide for themselves what is best for them. Not blast the first guy who says different than what is their own sacred (god knows true like no other) opinion. Some of you guys need to stop freakin, ripping your eyeballs out over someone elses given opinion.

I personally knew what I would find when I opened this thread is many many ignorant, thundering voices hell-bent on convincing the world with merely a louder voice than the other that their own view is the correct one. I find the name-calling and such mildly amusing at times, and sometimes wanna see someone just get TOLD (typically I look for Shoobie). And then I make a comment so a little orange box shows up next time and I check it to see who is being beat senseless and so humbled that they have to leave the forums altogether. I also get a kick out of when a thread gets closed because of unruly posters, and eskine snippin peoples stuff. I find it humorous, but I've learned to take almost none of it into real consideration, and if I do I go searching for backup..

So to answer your original question dude heres what you do-
1. go to www.google.com
2. type in x800 vs 6800
3. hit the first 4 sites, and if you cant find an actual answer, then you did somethin wrong, and you need to switch to FireFox instead of IE cause its BEtter@!

(lastly you need to not start unintelligent threads like these and just go solve it yourself, there are people with real problems and threads that get pushed down because of this versus that threads).
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FoxyLoxy couldnt have said it better.

These threads are stupid, and a waste of our time.

I dont care what company I get as long as it runs my games like how I want them too. Forget benchmarks. If it runs high without a hitch then I'm all for it. After that it's all about the value. I have Nvidia right now but in the future if I see an ATI card thats worth the money I'd buy it.

Oh and personally I care about how the card looks more than the company lol. Cause damn some cards nowadays just make your friends drool....

But yeah im dumb.
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Default Re: NVIDIA is the worst thing in the world

Originally posted by SanToast
Now that I have your attention.

I have a question for all of the NVIDIA fans out there...

What makes NVIDIA better than ATI?

It's a BS question. The differences are leap-frogged edition to edition. The only thing really worth questioning is the support and other features provided by either company.


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