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Cool "Duwallastic..."

Originally posted by SanToast
I said the same thing to Nubius and got a final warning.

Apparently he can tell people they have head problems and get away with it.

There should be a Moderator team that moderates the Moderators.
Please dude, just quit while you're ahead.


Originally posted by bonehelm

I just found out I\'ve been using direct X 8.1 since its out.
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Originally posted by DJ-CHRIS
Which card is the equivelant to ford, because ford = fix or repair daily.
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ATIRagePRO stop being a jerk to everyone on this board, instead of trying to make everyone look like a moron with your attacks on everything they say, maybe you could provide some helpful advice? Other than not to buy nvidia? I know it is tough for someone as biased as you, but this is a support forum.


My advice to you:

First of all because you did not provide enough information in your complaint, it is hard to look at the problem you are having. But here is some general support.

- Did you first of all have the problem the first time you booted up with the card in, or after you did some drivers?

- If this card was preceded by an ATI or other branded card, you should wipe out HD and reinstall, for its not good to switch the cards without cleaning your system.

- Did you install/reinstall your AGP driver for the MB? It is likely along with the chipset drivers and should be installed BEFORE the drivers for the card. Make sure that happened.

Good Luck!
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Those who attempt to moderate the moderator will be moderated !
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wow...you kids neeed to go take a nap and realize that everyone has an opinion, be it "ALL ATi CARDS SUCK @55!" or "nVidia is the ONLY option" Everyone says they are not biased and they respect other peoples opinions, then 2 pages later they are threatening the very own Moderator and calling him unfair and making a huge deal out of nothing.

seriously if you are just posting to try and make an argument or prove someone wrong for the fun of it...don't. posting hard facts and opinions is fine, and disagreeing with someone with supporting evidence is fine...but i read through this thread and it sounds like a bunch of toddlers screaming at eachother.

so far no one has posted a single proof/fact, it's just "you're contradicting yourself! you're wrong n00b! goddamn, this is unfair wahhh!" instead of complaining, how about SHOWING him/her what you think is misleading, restatnig it, and giving some facts as to why he/she is wrong. not jsut "ooo yah he is unfair. :insert random cussing here: you guys don't know what you are talkng about. my point was more valid than his but i don't have to prove it because i proved someone else wrong and i'm too busy arguing with this person over here to make any valid/legitimate posts"

it shouldn't matter if the mod is unfair or not, acting like a baby won't help the situation. you are looking at getting yourself banned and all you can do is retaliate and be rude? that's just asking for getting banned. if you think he is unfair PM him and ask him what his grounds are, and maybe clarify your posts, he could very well not understand him. trying to embaress the mod infront of the rest of the forum is wrong, and should be punished whether it is "justified" or not. there are better ways to conduct yourself if you are being treated unfairly, the fact you are not in the wrong is null and void if you start cussing out the mods and talking trash about them.

feel free to edit any of this Nubius, as i;m just an ordinary member who might be oversteping any opf my boundaries. but i've seen 10yr. old computer enthusiasts take a debate more mature then SOME of these people.
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Santoast I didn't even give you that warning, that was up to another moderator who felt it was needed so don't act like I was the one who went and got pissy at it or something like that. I wasn't the one who said he had head problems either...learn to read who says what before you start making your little assanine sarcastic comments.

ATI - Obviously we are on two totally different wave lengths. I've read your posts and I could say the same 'DID YOU EVEN READ MY POSTS!?!' About you, but frankly I tire of the people who sit there and say "Jeez you didnt even read my post, whatever you dont know what I'm talking about" I suggest you stop with the "NOW WATCH WHAT I SAY...WATCH IT NOW...GOT IT!?!" as I'm sure you might remember a guy named ChaosBlizzard used that little tactic quite often and you don't find him around these forums anymore. If you can't post without trying to seem like others 'arent reading your post' then just dont post because anyone can go and say "Whatever you must not know how to read, LOOK HERE, WATCH FOR IT, YOU GOT IT!?!" and you are just asking for trouble when you start talking to others in a demeaning manner.

So how about this.

We'll agree to disagree right-o? Sound like a plan? Because at this point we wont come to a conclusion. Why you go off on something completely beyond what the main point is is just beyond me so there's no point in continueing, I've even said what you pointed out "Cards and hardware in general play differently in different setups" Ive said that a hundred times before in all the other thousands of ATI VS Nvidia so it's nothing new and revolutionary.

We've gotten along before ATI, theres no reason to not still be able to.

Merlin - It doesn't take a genius to figure out an Nvidia VS ATI thread will get closed. They all turn out THIS WAY, especially since there's hundreds before it and everyone just whines, complains and starts making offensive comments to one another.

With that said..

CONGRATULATIONS! ATI vs Nvidia thread 2 of 3 is now closed!

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