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Default Non-stop rebooting with new Hard Drive during BIOS loading

I had one of my SCSI drives in my Compaq SP750 die on me today so I went and bought an IDE drive to tide me over until I got a new computer, the machine is 5 years old now. I install the drive and everything was going well until I plugged it in.

My computer says it detected new hardware and to hit F1 to save changes + reboot. After I do that, the system starts chain rebooting every time after loading my primary SCSI drive, the one that windows is on. I can't get it to boot into windows unless I unplug the IDE drive, and hit F1 to reboot again after it detects that its missing a hard drive. All this time my dead scsi drive still seems to be spinning or at least taking power, but its not being seen by the computer at all even when i move it to different plugs on my SCSI chain.

Does anyone know if theres some special manipulation neccessary to install an IDE hard drive on a compaq workstation? If there is could someone please help? Thanks.

The disc I'm booting up off of, and using right now is the original 9 gb compaq SCSI that came with the machine.

The one that I'm installing is a Western Digital 7200 rpm 120 gb hard drive, I even had the 137 gb hard cap that some old machines had in mind when i got the disc, so I got the 120 gb...

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Ok i've just tested my system for a while, and I'll post the results I'm getting.

Basically I just ran tests to see what happens when I plug in and when I don't plug in the drive.

Heres what happens on boot:

It says i'm running Bios v. 2.13 (There is a higher version available I think), the HP site is confusing but theres like v2.13, 3.01A and 3.05 available, I might try flashing my Bios tommorrow.

I geth 768 MB for ram check
Inicialized Processor 0

Adaptec AIC-7899 SCSI BIOS v.2.55

CH A ... SCSI Device 0 Compaqpc MAJ3091MP

Then comes the tests.

the first time I plug in the drive I get

The following configuration options were automatically updated.
Disk 1 54498 MBytes
If you are running UNIX (WinXP Pro here) you need to configure your system using COMPAQ User Diagnostic Diskette.

F1 to save changes

I hit F1, the system reboots, gets to:

CH A ... SCSI Device 0 Compaqpc MAJ3091MP

then it automatically reboots, before I can even enter setup for bios or anything.

If I then unplug the drive and reboot I get:

1782-Disk Controller Failure:

The Drive is not installed correctly or has failed. Make sure that any jumpers are set correctly, and that power and drive cables are connected, both to the drive and the system board. Also verify that the cables are the correct cables for your computer.

The following configuration options were automatically updated: our PC
No fixed disk present
F1 to save changes,

Then it will boot up normally to windows from my SCSI disk if I leave the IDE unplugged, otherwise the cycle restarts.

Anything I can do? Maybe I should install compaq bios on the IDE drive and try that? I can't even install windows on the new drive to try that right now even if I had the disks, so thats not an option...

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Check you BIOS settings (press Del). See if you can choose between the SCSI and IDE drive to boot from. You also need a "terminator" if you leave one SCSI connector empty. You could also hookup you old SCSI there, maybe it helps.
Make sure the IDE drive is jumpered correctly. 1 master + one slave per IDE cable. Or if the IDE drive is on its own, set it to master.
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Well... the SCSI cable is terminated, theres a terminator at the end of it, and the IDE drive is alone, tried both master and single settings. However, it never even gets to the point where I can access the bios when both drives are plugged in so I don't know how much that can help.

It seems that every time I plug in a new piece of hardware the bios are flashing to default or something I don't know whats happening...

Has anyone else ever tried putting IDE and SCSI on a compaq workstation?
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