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N.D.F.Office 01-19-2008 05:37 AM

Noise Pollution & Tech Considerations..

Can't seem to find any info on this anywhere & I know it's a strange question. However I would like to know if there's any reason to be concerned about this or whether this is just myself being paranoid.

Recently I've started to become very conscious about background noise affecting the operation of my PC. To the extent that I will wait until nightfall, when things have started to quieten down, before using the system.

Let me explain.

I have recently moved from the centre of London to my family home in a rural area about 35 miles out of the city. I've been living in this house on & off for about 15 years.

Around about last October, a farmer whose land our house is adjacent to has started using a bird scaring propane gun. This goes off automatically, every 15 minutes, from dawn until dusk every day. This reaches levels of 160db & is designed to replicate a gunshot.

Around about the same time I finished building my dream gaming PC. A quad 3.0Ghz processor with 4Gb RAM, Dual Nvidia SLI graphics cards giving a combined video memory of over 1600mb. Water cooling & hard disk speeds of 10000rpm

Now this noise every 15 minutes has convinced me the sound on the lower end of the frequency spectrum is affecting the operation of my system, hard drives in particular.

I have worked in Audio, at possibly the highest professional level possible, for many years. So am well aware that I'm probably talking a load of nonsense & have likely been smoking too much of the green stuff.

However, I would feel much obliged if someone could confirm this for me & let me know that pops & bangs will not technically disturb my gaming experience.





atomic tofu 01-19-2008 09:15 AM

Re: Noise Pollution & Tech Considerations..
i live in the country in the US. I live near not so civilized folk. They often fire off guns. You shouln'dt have any problems with that type of noise.

Now, if you want to test if noise will interefere with computer hardware, you can crank up a subwoofer while your harddrive is working...but I wouln't actually suggest that. ;)

Of course, I would think it would disturb your gaming experience in that it would be quite annoying. Play a game like Bioshock and ruin the atmosphere with that frequent and regular noise.

CalcProgrammer1 01-19-2008 02:21 PM

Re: Noise Pollution & Tech Considerations..
I don't see how loud noise would affect the PC's performance...high frequency sound waves probably don't have enough force to disrupt any mechanical parts, and the electronic parts wouldn't be affected anyways. Now if it was a huge electromagnetic pulse gun or something...then I might be concerned...

c0rr0sive 01-19-2008 06:16 PM

Re: Noise Pollution & Tech Considerations..
Well... It IS possible, but it would take a VERY VERY low frequency, that could penetrate very well, and be heavily amplified in order for it to damage or distrupt the hard drives.... So... I highly doubt his new toy could do any damage... Unless it literaly jars the **** outta the computer :-p

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