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Default no power no post until power reconnected to motherboard

Ok, I have seen this in several computer over time. If the computer loses power or is turn off, whatever, it won't power back on until you open the case, disconnect the power lead form the PSU to the mb and reconnect it. Then, bam, it fire right up and runs until it does it again later on. Does anyone know the cause for this rather bizarre behavior.

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since noone else has responded, I will put in my worthless 2 cents.
My best guess would be that there is a short either in the board or in the power supply. The first thing I would do is try a different power supply - borrow from a friend pc for 15 minutes or so, doesn't have to be mounted in place, just plug it into your board. Then see if your computer will power back up after being shut off and repeat the test several times in a row to make sure. If that fixes it, then you know you need to buy a new power supply.
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Maybe it has something to do with the power supply. Have you tried toggling the switch on the psu. It might have to do with how the psu has to drain the capicators totaly before you can power up again.
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Yeah, it's are real weird problem that I have noticed on no less than five different computers in my time. I was just wondering if anyone else out there had seen/solved this issue. I guess I will get to work swapping out components and will post my findings here.

Thanks for the response...

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The capacitors in your powersupply arent discharging their voltage when turned off as should.. Replace your powersupply

Don't buy a cheapie powersupply.. Get yourself an Antec true 430
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I have seen this exact problem recently. The computer would refuse to turn back on, but it had worked fine the previous day. Like most people here, I assumed it was a bad power supply or bad power switch also. We tried replacing the power supply and that did not work. We disconnected all power leads on the power supply and removed the power cord from the wall outlet. this enabled the computer to be turned on so we left the computer always on until we could find another solution. If it was a bad power switch why would it turn on after unplugging the power supply? it was not the power switch obviously

The problem happened on a asus K7VTA Pro motherboard. The computer had been working fine for several years until it was moved to a second home. it happened several months later in that place. here's the wierd part: the first two places i was talking about were near pullman, WA. When I took the computer to my home in another city (richland WA, 4 hours away from pullman) I tried to see if I could reproduce the problem and could not. This was the exact same computer that was having problems before, nothing had changed but the location. We even left the PC off and was able to turn it back on overnight.

I finally replaced the motherboard with a new one (ECS elitegroup K7SEM ver1.0). This fixed the problem completely. I came to only 1 conclusion: the AC power must be unstable in the other home. the computer was working in that home fine for awhile though so what I beleive is that the unstable AC power may have slowly damaged the motherboard in some way.

knuckles did all of these problems happen in the same home or possibly all in the same general area (city block, street, town) ??

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