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Kreegle24 08-02-2004 09:20 PM

New Motherboard?
Okay, I have a problem here.

Currently, my Sony Vaio Desktop uses expensive RDRAM, and at only 128MBs.

Would it be cheaper to upgrade my RAM to 512MBs of RDRam (Probably cost me $150) or could I possibly buy a motherboard that uses cheaper memory?

I'm really not a big techy, so I need some help. I don't have any sound cards, so onboard sound would be nice, and I only want around 512 MB of RAM. But I need it to be compatible with my Radeon 9600XT 128MBs and my P4 1.7GHZ processor.

Could someone please help?

sithspawn 08-03-2004 04:01 AM

I would suggest getting a new motherboard with a bit more onboard stuff. Im not an intel person so i cant really help you out with motherboard types. go to and have a look at ones in your price range

GameGURU 08-03-2004 09:39 AM

Dont get a new mobo, especially for a stock built computer. It might not be compatible and once you do that I dont think you are granted free tech support (or any at all). I would just go for the RAM.

Kreegle24 08-03-2004 11:04 AM

I'm not really looking for tech support, that's what I have you guys for ;)

I'm looking through some options at the moment, but I'm still not quite sure what mobo I should buy.

hercules_upw 08-03-2004 01:41 PM

i would go for the RAM.
A new motherboard is going to cost you at least $80 then you'll have to buy the RAM.
Even Some "budget" RAM is going to cost another $80. then you have to put it together.

By the way, what speed is this RDRAM?

Kreegle24 08-03-2004 01:45 PM


hercules_upw 08-03-2004 02:01 PM

Wow! i just looked it up and that RAM operates at 800MHz. On the down side, 512MB cost $270.00!

For that price you could get a mobo and some decent RAM.

I guess my next question is what are you using the computer for and what's you budget?

dumdum8684 08-03-2004 03:03 PM

If i'm not mistaken than RD-RAM is the newest RAM mainstream and is easily upgradable. I would go for more ram and keep your option to upgrade in the future

Kreegle24 08-03-2004 03:04 PM

well, I can possibly get 512MB of RDRam for around $150 near me, so that's basically what I need to be spending for a new mobo with Ram.

I only use the comp for gaming, but not games like Doom 3 or Farcry.

GameGURU 08-03-2004 05:45 PM

Yeah...and getting an older mobo wont do you any good with the fact that you have RDRam now...

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