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Default New lappy. Some post purchase questions.

2 points...

So I just bought myself a Toshiba A60. Great little lappy on sale for $1000 Can. (for our American viewers, this is a pretty good deal. Regular price is 1299).

It runs great, but something is troubleing me, and before I take it back in I'd like some input if possible.

1) Its a pretty quiet running lappy but the fan seems to sound like its speeding up and slowing down. Its almost annoying. If theres noise in a room I cant hear it, but in the quiet of my home office, its like a vaccum cleaner. It's like the fan is reving over and over and over. When I run appys and the HDD kicks in, it drowns it out, or when I wear the headphones.

2) Speaking of headphones...when i plug them into the headphone jack, i can hear static and faint buzzing every time I move my mouse or when the HDD works. Is this normal for laptops? Or is it a crappy sound card inside?


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About the fan, it's not a fan, it's a blower. Your blower isn't on 100% it's only on when the temp of whatever it's connected to reaches a certain point. The headphone buzzing noise is probobly from a crappy onboard sound or crappy headphones.

If you ever have any questions feel free to email me at, I will send you back an email as soon as possible.
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I myself have a Toshiba Satelite A70, the specs are in my sig. The fan is loud when its turning on, but doesnt get the problem u have. and as for the sound card. yes, i think it sux, mine wasnt even working properly, i had to reinstall the drivers, and i still got a problem of sometimes, the volume wasnt working at all, and i still get that problem.
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well, i know and can hear when the blower comes on, but believe me, there is a fan and it definately sounds like its running at variable speeds. Its so quiet that theres no way to hear it unless the room is perfectly quiet....and when im in bed working, I can hear it. Im hoping this is not a hardware issue ill have to deal with. Anyone who has bought anything from Futurecrap knows that they arent the best at fixing things on warranty. (i broke a vow to myself never to purchase anything from them again...but the price was right. lol)

As for the sound, its not the headphones so must be the onboard. Damn, never even thought of that.

*** Note to anyone looking for a laptop....ask the salesman to break out some headphones and test the sound before you buy!! ***

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