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Old 09-14-2004, 04:47 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default New Drive: Seagate 160gb IDE

I recently ordered a 160gb Seagate Barracuda (7200, 8mb) from outpost - supposed to recieve it tomorrow, Wednesday.

FINALLY my computer will oficially outperform my brothers in just about everything, except his has more memory. (And now i get to make fun of him since his cost ~$900 and mine has been a total of less than half that combined)

I got the drive from, (aka "Fry's: online" :P )
It's $99.99, plus it has a $50 mail-in (if you purchase one before the 16th) which will drop it to $49.99 when I get the rebate. (plus shipping, which is a max of 10.50 or so for overnight!)
Note: This is for a RETAIL drive too!

The only thing im worried about is getting all my data backed up from my old drive, which is getting to be almost worthless for most things (it cracks under high data loading, like installing games or loading Farcry demo lol) and hope it has enough life left in it to get it all copied to the new drive (i really dont wanna re-install ALL that stuff...)

Anyways, I just thought I'd let you all know about the deal, etc, in case someone else is interested in a new drive.

I know Seagates are good. Its the only thing ive ever bought for either myself or a friend/relative.

What drives do all you people use? (brands in particular)

EDIT: got the money from, of course, selling on ebay. My win2k OEM covered most of the $100 price.

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I personally prefer Hitachi......i just like their drives.....haven't had any problems with them yet.....however i abhor(in my dictionary "abhor" is worst than "hate")western digital..........maxtor and seagate are alright but i'd prefer a maxtor hd over a seagate

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I prefer western digital. Goodluck on copying over your aren't going to be able to duplicate the entire hard drive to the point where you can put in your new HD and boot it up into windows...I hope thats not what you are planning... You would be able to do that if you would have had 2 identicle drives when you first installed and had a RAID-0 goin on, but I don't think you'll be able to do that at this its always good to format every once in a while....forces you to keep stuff backed up and keeps your computer runnin smooooooove
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Seagates are decent drives..I currently have the exact drive you will be purchasing and got it for dirt cheap too!! It was $105 open box, Plus one $60 rebate + one $10 rebate.. I missed the $10 rebate by a few days but still got the big one so $45!! lol...I love Frys!...anywho...

Seagate comes with a pretty good utility disk that will let you easily clone your hard drive...It makes an identical copy of your old drive onto the new drive much like Norton Ghost will do...Then when its done copying you simply set the new drive as your master and your good to go! Windows comes up like normal and all your apps and such are exactly the same...As mentioned a reformat is always good and I prefer this method over cloning or repairing anyday...but if your to lazy to re-install everything and manually move data over then the seagate utility will work
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Old 09-15-2004, 10:00 PM   #5 (permalink)
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I got the drive today.

Very satisfied!

After a few hours of attempting to get everything copied, I said "screw it" and just put a fresh copy of XP (etc) on it. What I should have done in the first place!

I set my old one as secondary, and am in the process of recovering specific files (saved games, music, program/zip backups... etc) to the new drive.

FINALLY I have a nearly flawless working computer!

Next on the agenda:... Memory! 256 crap-ram isnt cutting it. I didn't expect it to at all, though. :P

I'm loving the fast boots, also!
You're the guy from that hamburger train, right?
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I was going to buy a Seagate, but when I saw the price for a 80Gig(note: this was like on neweeg or somethingwhere no rebates were).....I thought, whoa, yikes. Needed one that was good, not too expensive. Someone recomended NOT to get Maxtor, 'cause apparently, they've had several "blow up" on them. Then, I was told that I should get WD. So I did.
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the Fry's store is prolly real good, but i would stay away from

thy advertice fauls information, fraudulant rebates, and use bait and switch... if thy have a realy good deal with a rebate, i guess its not so risky, but i would never buy from them, cause of there shipping charges(witch i asume thy try and screw u over on) because thy dont even show u how much shipping is, untill u give them your card number... pfff, i say screw that.

just do a search for (Fry's) at ,most of the reviews id say are less then supportive.

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