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Default New to building pc's looking for parts to build a new one

sorry i think this is the wrong forum.

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Default has a great selection of parts, and their prices are really good.

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Doesn't matter if the post is in this forum. I've seen others post stuff like this here, so your cool.

Here is a guide that will aid you as you build a comp:

You could get an AMD system for gaming or an Intel system for applications/office stuff. I imagine that you will be going for AMD...most people do. So, I will list some parts and info that you could consider getting.

CPU - AMD 64-bit processors (I would highly reccommend that you get at least the 3000 model. At least. Look for the one with "1MB L1 Cache". I have seen it at Now the socket is another story. I believe that the socket 754 is an ok one. And so is 939 (others know what socket you should get).

Mobo(motherboard) - An Abit, Asus, or possibly Gigabyte. The first two are better and used more than Gigabyte. It is imperitive that your mobo and your CPU have the EXACT same socket, in this case, probably a 754 or 939, or whatever the good socket is (again, let someone elso reccomend the socket). It should have an AGP interface of 8XPro, that way if you get a video card with a regular 8X, it will work with your mobo. You should also think about 5 PCI slots. The more you have, the more goodies you get to stick on the mobo, i.e. TV Tuner, Sound card, etc. Something like 4 184-pin RAM slots will be required as well. I'm not entirely sure of what hard drive interface it should be...someone can tell you about that too, but, if you have a lot (I mean a lot) of money, then you could go for a SCSI (scuzzy) drive, which is, I think, faster and better (and more expensive) than IDE/EIDE and ATA/SATA interfaces. Be sure that the mobo has onboard sound, in case you exhaust you cash and don't have enough for a sound card (that's what happened to me), and also an onboard LAN. Something like 10/100/1000 is good. Some USB ports wouldn't hurt either, if you wanted some external devices to hook up. Oh, and the chipset. 865 or 875 will do nicely. Form factor MUST match the form factor of your case, which will probably be 99.9% ATX form factor, the most common (but BTX is coming soon, if you want to wait). I think that is what you need to look for in a mobo, unless I forgot something.

RAM - Random Access Memory nowadays is probably no less than 1GB, and a lot of the time, it is divided up into 2 512 dimms (dual inline memory modules), so that the computer is able to use "dual channel architecture"...I'm not 100% clear on how it works, so someone else will have to inform you of it. Be sure it is 184-pin, like the RAM slots for your mobo. You may see it say whether or not it is "registered" or "unbuffered". I was told that that is used in....servers, I think? It doesn't apply if your not some big entreprenuear, which I highly doubt you are lol. The companies that you will want to look into are: Corsair, Crucial, and Kingston. I think that Corsair is the best of them, but the most expensive. So there's that.

Video/Graphics Card - This is a category that I'm kinda unsure about. If I say to get ATi, the nVidia people will get on me, and vice versa. But the two companies to choose from are ATi and nVidia. ATi's cards have been better than nVidia's for a while, but now with the new 6800 from nVidia, ATi's new X800, from what I've heard, aren't competing well. The 6800 and X800 may be to expensive for you (they were fo me), and if so, get the ATi 9800 series of cards. Those ones provide pretty much all around stuff. Pretty good card. 128-256MB RAM is what you want, although if 256MB is too much, then go with 128MB. Whatever you get, it doesn't neccesarily HAVE to be a video card/TV tuner fact, it would probably behove you not to get a combo of te sort. Get them seperatly, both would more than likely perform better that way. I believe that is all for the video card. Next!!!

PSU (power suppply) - I'll keep this one short. Get a Thermaltake or Enermax psu. Make it at least 450W to power everything efficiently. Ok, that's all for the psu.

Sound Card - Creative Labs is probably the most popular and best of the best makers of sound cards. So, yeah, get one from them. The Audgigy2 ZS is one of the latest models. You can also get it with a little external box thing to fit into a 5.25" slot on your case, but it costs more, like $100 more. I have no sound card right now, so I can't fill you in on all the details.

Hard Drive - Hitachi or Western Digital are going to be your best bets. Not Maxtor, 'cause they seem to cause lots of people lots of problems. Depending on what you're going to be doing with your computer, your hard drive space may need to be big or small. 80GB to maybe 160GB is the average range I see today. As I mentioned in the mobo section, I don't know a lot on the different interfaces, so I'll leave that to someone who knows. There will be a choice of how much cache you want. The max. I've seen so far is 8MB, so that will go smoothly. The RPM is also an important thingy to. 7200RPM is common, but slowly, there are the high-end gamers who are getting a hard drive, code-named "Raptor", that is like 10,000RPM, which is really fast, yet don't hold as much. 74GB is usually what it is. They are also more expensive. So it's a question of what you want...more RPM or more storage?

Case - I'll leave this up to others, but just make sure it matches your mobos form factor, most likely ATX, or it won't fit. Also, you will want a literally "cool" system. So get one with at least 2 60, 80, 92, or 120mm fan ports to stick fans into.

Other stuff - you can always add little doo dads to you comp to make it better. Better cooling, wiring, lighting, looks, whatever. A good sight for mods like this are Just check and be sure your system is compatible and that the stuff will fit. Other good sites are , , and what ever the others say.

If that is all the basics..........*WHEW!!* I've never typed so much on these forums all at once. Hope this helps, or I've strained and sweated my skinny hands over squat! lol. Enjoy your new system when it's built!
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thanks so much, btw heres my post:

Well i want to build a pc i know it sounds like a long time but i will have enough money for a mobo, processor, hd, and memory for february 16thish, id sell my laptop because its outdate but i decided i want to keep it. So i need you guys' help to help me get the perfect parts.

I plan the base to be this soyo motherboard with this proccessor bundle:

what do you think will be the life span for this proccessor? Im really into graphics design but i love gaming and id rather have my pc built around gaming than built around graphics and have sucky gaming. I know its not 64 bit but i cant afford a fx-53. I think i might actually get an asus mobo since i can find one here for 3500 pesos which is about 80 dollars.

im planning on getting 2 512 sticks of ddr ram need advice on that

Im getting a 200gb hd i think its enough for now at least if not ill get another

Im getting a video card maybe for summer since i cant afford it all together.

Also i plan to get a thermaltake case since they look cool and leave a lot of room for expandability.

As for cd roms i plan on getting a multiformat dvd rw and another cdrw/cdrom so ill have two cd roms for quick burning.
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