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Default Need some help

recently got some new items for my pc. A new motherboard(chaintech 7NIL1), cpu (AMD Barton 2600+), two sticks of ram (Corsair Value Select 184 Pin 512MB DDR PC-3200) and a new video card (ati 9600se). I placed all of the components in my case and started it up. Got the os installed and used it for about a week and a half. Then all of a sudden the computer shut off and when i went to turn it back on i got the no signal to the monitor message it also did not beep. I placed the old motherboard back in and tested the ram to make sure that it was good and everything worked out fine. But i have no way of testing the cpu or the video card because my old mb was an intel board and has no agp slot. But I figured that it was the motherboard because of the fact that it didn't beep so i returned the motherboard and got a replacement when i got it back i again installed everything and when i started it up, i got the same message on the screen about no signal. Is it my cpu or could it be my video card or is it something else? Or did i just miss something or do something stupid cause this is my first time to do this. Any help is appreciated.

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Unfortunately it could be a number of things. Is the machine staying on, but you hear no beeps, no video signal, no nothing? If this is the case then it's generally your CPU, RAM, Or Motherboard, and you said you've tested your RAM, and replaced your motherboard. So currently I would think it's the CPU. Have you tried taking the CPU out and turning on the computer to see if you get any beep responses that way?

First thing I would simply try reseating everything..make sure theres no dust or a hair laying across anything as hairs can screw up your computer too. I had a hair laying across the RAM slot and when I put the RAM in it shorted two of the circuits and my computer would not boot, so stupid crap like that can have an effect. The best way to troubleshoot is to pull your motherboard completely out and put it on something non-conductive like a nice thick piece of cardboard that isn't on carpet or something. Then plug in the Video card, one stick of RAM, and the keyboard and see if you get any responses. You need to check every stick of RAM seperately to make 100% sure there isn't just one bunk stick..

Don't forget you'll still need to attach the PC Speaker that's generally inside your case to the motherboard to hear the beeps unless you have a PC Speaker that's attached to the motherboard.

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Today I disconnected everything except for the power, keyboard, and monitor. Tryed starting it and same thing happened so I took out the video card, cpu, and RAM then reinstalled them. Tryed starting it again and samething. So I tryed a different stick of RAM, nothing. Then I took out the stick of RAM so there was none in tryed starting it and I got long continuous beeps. Took out the cpu and nothing. Put back in one stick of RAM and nothing. So do you think that it is my cpu or did I get a bad new motherboard?
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