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Old 08-16-2004, 08:06 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Need Help

OK let me first start with my system settings..

AMD 64BIT 3200+
a gigabyte K8N pro motherboard
Hitachi 120 gig hard drive + a seagate 40 gig hard drive
XFX 6800GT-4200-MX420
Creative Audigy 2 ZS sound card

Now the problem i am having which i have no clue how to fix. is that when i turn on my computer with my hard drive plugged in sometimes it freezes when looking up for drives plugged in. other times it gets to a bios screen before the Windows XP ( where it says all the adapters i have plugged in and stuff) and then it says "DMI pool update " or something and it freezes there for like a few seconds, then letters on the screen dissapear.

Now at first what i thought caused this, is because before the problem started happening i accidently tipped my case, and the hard drive fell like 1-2 inches. So i figured maybe the hard drive was bad or something.

To fix it i tried multiple things, one was i used my old Seagate 40 Gig hard drive, with this i encounter new errors. For one the drive works fine i my old dell XPS B733r computer. When i plug it into my new one, it starts to load then after the bios screen
it turnes black and restarts the computer. When it restarts it gives me a error screen saying that a problem occured when the power was turned off durning loading ( or someting along those lines) So then i figured, well maybe i have a bad power supply. So i turned to my old 450 WATT psu i got with my case, i got the same error. Though the hard drive works fine in my 250 Dell PSU.

After this i figured maybe it was a BIOS problem, due to the fact that it was always occuring durning boot. First thing i did was set the bios defaults, after i also used my "backup" bios that my motherboard has. No luck with either. I also pulled out my CMOS battery and ran it like that, again nothing.

i figure maybe my mobo is bad? or is it just the hard drive?
at one point i literally pulled the whole computer apart, and put everything together piece by piece, to see what could be causing it, again no luck.

Also when i try using my New hitachi drive in my old computer, the OS simply doesn't start, or sometimes it doesn't read the drive. I tried formating the drive but i get even more problems, first when i entered the cd-rom for XP Sp1 into the drive, it gave me a error durning the blue screen install thing, that setupdds.sys or somethng was missing but other times i tried differen't files were failing, so i figured maybe its my cd, so i used my friends but again same thing, i even downloaded those 6 floppy install and i Still got errors.

If anyone with any idea's could please tell me them it would be much apprecaited
i'd really hate to see my money on this new computer go to waste.

btw if this is in the wrong forum, move it.. i didn't know what else to put it in.

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Old 08-16-2004, 08:08 PM   #2 (permalink)
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btw, i tried using a SATA hard drive, i installed Windows XP on it, it ran fine untill i restarted, then the same problem occured.

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Old 08-17-2004, 07:50 AM   #3 (permalink)
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I don't know the make of my ram.. all i know is i have 2-256 cards from a previous Dell computer, and 1 512 card i bought from Bestbuy..which was a no name company. oh and the speed of the ram is PC2700

As for SATA, yea its enabled.. and the one hard drive that i was using a long before this happened is a IDE, so now im thinking its the RAM.

Im going to try to get a hold of someones ram, and test it out in my machine.

oh btw- thanks in advance, i been on like 9 different computer help forums either no one posted or they said "wow you have a problem"
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I've had this problem before with an old motherboard. It's one of the most annoying problems to encounter in my opinion. I transfered all the components used on the motherboard over to another one and it worked absolutely fine! I know it had something to do with the memory, but rather than the memory itself, I think it was the actual memory slots on the motherboard. So my guess is that it could be your motherboard?

If you're convinced that it's not your motherboard, maybe check that the jumper settings for master/slave are correct on each hard drive.

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