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Default n00b question...pc specs messed up

hi everybody, i'm new here. well, i just finished building my new PC and when it boots up, my pc specs are all weird.

here are my new pc's parts:

Epox 8RDA+
AMD Althlon XP Barton 2500+ 333 FSB
ThermalRight SK-7
ThermalTake Smart Fan 2 (pretty loud)
2 sticks of Crucial PC3200 256 mb Ram (installed correctly, read manual)
Sapphire Radeon 9800 nonpro
Western Digital

here's what it says on my 1st boot:

Main Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1100 mhz
Memory Testing: 524288k OK
CPU Real Clock: 1100MHz (100x11.0)

Memory Frequency is at 100 mhz (DDR200)
nForce2 Ultra 400 Support
DDR Dual Channel Enabled

....and then some other stuff....

Warning! CPU has been changed or Overclock fail.
Please re-enter CPU settings in the CMOS setup and remember to save before quit!

=======Magic Health=========
CPU FAN: 4218 RPM CPU Temp: 33 C/ 91 F


well, if i'm not wrong, the 2500+'s real core is at 1830 mhz and i'm supposed to have DDR400 instead of 200. i thought no change in BIOS settings were required. what should i do next?

i've already posts this same post on another forum and i need to use my new comp really quick so..yeah.

on guy in the other forum said:

First reset the CMOS jumper read your manual for directions,pretty simple but make sure power is disconnected first .After you've done that now go back into the BIOS and set it to fail safe defaults.that should get you started you may have to set the FSB but it should do it automaticly.
and then after that, i said:

i read the manual, but it doesn't go into very much detail. the CPU FSB frequency jumper is it 133/166 when the mobo came. the CMOS jumper is (i'll use dots to represent the pins and underline to represent where the jumper is at):

. . .

so the jumper's are on defult settings. when i reset the CMOS, do i just put the jumper on the second and third pin? i think i know that's what i have to do, but i'm not sure. i mean, i dpn't wanna do mess up with anything i don't know. also, i read in another online "How To BUild a PC" tutorial that i have to put my 1st boot device as CD-ROM instead of floppy after i finish setting up BIOS to install windows. then, i just go and type G:\setup.exe to run windows setup right? i know the answer is pretty obvious, but i'm just making sure that i'm not doing anything wrong.
so what do i do now? THANKS

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Or just pull the battery out, boot to the bios, turn it back off and put the battery back in. That clears it too.

But back to your issue, go into the bios and see what your FSB is clocked at. It sounds like your cpu is underclocked due to a bad FSB setting.


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i didn't pull out the batt. all i did was just reset the CMOS jumper near the BIOS battery and then my BIOS got reset. then i just went into BIOS and set my FSB is at 333 with both my cpu and mem in sync at 166.

so what mircobell told was correct and my settings reverted to the factory specs of 1830 mhz core. thanks for the help!
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microbell just curious, what do you do for a living? netork administrator? I've noticed you give out great advice often and you seem to be doing all this out of the goodness of your heart because you love helping people. either that or you have too much time on your hands
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It's always good to help people.
but i must say, at school in my maths class because i was already ahead in homework and stuff i ried to help this guy Chris Porter, i tell him in the most basic way i can: "This number goes on the top of the fraction and this goes on the bottom of it" - he still gets it wrong!
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well,..nobody's perfect!
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Originally posted by MicroBell
Hahhaha...Both..LOL I work as a Cellular Network engineer for Verizon Wireless.
My cell phone uses verizon wireless as the service provider :O

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