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Old 07-21-2004, 11:10 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default My DVD player reads DVD's as CD Audio Files ???HELP??

Hi, I frequent the Dux forums at and I tried my question but with no luck.

I was referred by a friend to try asking my question here.

Here's the thread at Dux in case anyone wants to read their responces and my answers to help with a possible solution:;threadid=8099

Ok, so I'm trying to fix a freinds machine. We bought her an Artec DVD player but when we try to play any DVD in either WinDVD or PowerDVD it give us either a "No Valid Drive/Disc Found" or an "Unsupported format" error (with the newer version of WinDVD it doesn't display an error, just nothing happens when I try to play it).

The two programs weren't installed at the same time, I uninstalled PowerDVD and installed WinDVD and neither worked.

Also, when I go to "my computer" when there's no disk in the drive it reads as a "CD Drive" not a DVD drive. When I explore the drive with a DVD in it, all that it shows on it is an audio file.

I thought perhaps the drive was faulty so I removed it and installed my working DVD player that I'd been using on my system on hers and it had the exact same problems.

I also tried moving all the non-digitally signed drivers the dvd player was
using into a temp folder to see if they were causing the problem (I rebooted after the move too). Didn't work.

I tried installing and uninstalling the drives and their controllers.

I got all of the possible windows updates.

I also reloaded my ASPI file, didn't do anything.

The contoller for my DVD player is in DMA mode, I checked that.

Someone told me to just try opening the VOB file on the DVD but I can't open the vob file, if it were there then the drive would be working properly, the problem is that the DVD player is recognized as a cd player and the only file on the dvd (as recognized) is a single audio file. Here's a screen shot of what it looks like, the DVD is Amelie (I know this picture is kind of redundant since I explained it, but I like visuals):

I tried several different DVDs, that wasn't the problem and I put in a normal data disk (a game & a music cd) and they both worked just as they should.

I guess the problem is that something (the drivers, a driver conflict,
something) is causing the DVD player to be recognized as a cd device and not a dvd player.

What is involved in playing DVDs? DVD codecs, and a program, and a properly installed dvd drive? Where am I going wrong? Is there something else? I'm clueless. Does anyone know what might be wrong or what I can do to make it work? #-o

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hmm, pretty confusing problem, have u tried this DVD player on some other PC as well? May be May be your DVD Codecs are corrupted.

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NeonTetra it sounds like that's exactly the cause of the problems. It must be conflicting with something possibly a device driver or just a codec. I would recomend backup all data, locate device drivers, and reinstall windows. It is probably the easiest & fastest solution. track00 sounds like a data track. Also try putting the Artec drive into another machine to see if it works.
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Thanks for the responces.

I had already tested the DVD player on my computer and it worked fine, I even tested my working DVD player on the computer in question and it had the exact same problem, so it's definately not the drive. I posted that originally too.

" I would recomend backup all data, locate device drivers, and reinstall windows." -when you say, "locate device drivers", what are you talking about? Backing them up as well? I just didn't understand.

The problem is, it's not my computer, it's my friends whom I bought the dvd player for (which has never worked since I gave it to her -christmas 2003....) and I don't think she wants me to uninstall windows. Also, she has a Dell, so there's a lot of
that crap on there...

Her computer is new also and she doesn't mess around with things. I'm surprised that she'd have any problems as I doubt she has done anything besides putting music on her computer. I doubt that not much has changed since windows was installed.

So I blame it on Dell. Grrr. Not really but, I do.

Any other suggestions
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Uninstall the drivers again from your device manager. Then go into control panel and select install new device. Go from select from list and chose your DVD make and part #. It should then load the proper drivers for your device. If not, you can try and reboot with your Win XP CD and select REPAIR from the install menu. That might also fix the data corruption.
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Oh it's a Dell...They would not include a winXP CD in that case. Use the restore CD that came with her computer. it will restore everything back to normal including the operating system and all software. just pop it in your cd-rom and reboot....after you save your important data first.

device driver is basically a piece of software that lets the software communicate with the hardware. it's like a translator or interpreter. they are on a CD on each new hardware you buy or you can download them from the manufacturer website. if you install a new sound card and the computer can't communicate with it than it cannot be used. the operating system has device drivers for many hardwares that it can load automatically but this doesn't always work. with the resore CD you do not need to worry about finding device drivers. they will restore everything including drivers that were originally on it. if she bought a printer for example, she needs the driver CD for it to reinstall it.

the most important is saving her data first. she will be angry if you lose her stuff.....I've made that mistake a few times before.
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Have you got the problem fixed?

I have a mad dog 16X DVD.

I just got my Windows XP reinstalled, and it now read all the CDs and DVDs as one audio file Track00.cda

I put an installation CD into the drive, and boot up my computer with the CD, it works fine.

there must be something with the XP installation I have.

is there any other solution beside reintall OS?

My computer is not Dell, so I blame on Microsoft :P

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