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dykzeulb 08-18-2004 02:41 PM

monitor light is orange???
Hey, I got a new computer and didnt get a monitor with it, I plugged in my monitor and now the green light that usualy comes on with the monitor is yellowish orange and isnt turning on so I can see the screen?? What is going on and how do I fix this???

Nikkon 08-18-2004 02:44 PM

Check the connection from the video card to the monitor. If the computer was shipped to you open it up and make sure everything is secure in their respective slots.

dykzeulb 08-18-2004 03:06 PM

it is, I have heard ppl say that sometimes this happens and it will just fix it's self is this true??/

jaksback 08-18-2004 06:46 PM

yeah after you've tweaked it for awhile. might be that the thing was joggled in shipping, but come to think of it, if it was a "shipped" computer more than likely it has an integrated vid card si probably isn't that....where did you get the computer?

Nubius 08-18-2004 07:40 PM

The only time the light goes yellow/orangeish is when theres no signal being sent to the monitor. My monitors ON button is a light blue cause its an HP Flatmonitor, but say if I turn off my computer and leave my monitor on, then the light will go to the yellow/orangeish

killians45 08-18-2004 07:49 PM

reseat the vid card make sure its firmly in place (and sometimes its a tight squeeze) and keep in mind the retainer clips if there are any. if that doesn't do it reseat the mem and processor. if none of those MIGHT be MBD is grounding to the case.

jaksback 08-18-2004 07:51 PM

i highly doubt he is going to want to take apart a computer that is newly out of the package as it will void the warrenty.....

Marvel 08-18-2004 08:08 PM

It may have something to do with the power down settings when there is no activity or when the system is placed in sleep mode from the keyboard. I am not saying those actions took place put I would track down how the settings are in the system for going to standby. Go to the help center and do a search for power standby, it will provide the how to do it instructions for checking this sort of thing out.

techserv 08-18-2004 08:55 PM

By chance do you have 2 video ports? Some new computers, if you got an optional video card, will have 2 ports, 1 onboard and 1 on the video card. Make sure you are using the the video card one.

killians45 08-18-2004 09:00 PM

then he has a nice little door stop. either that or send back, its up to him but more than likely the graphics card may need to be removed and popped back in. guess he can either call them to return it, wait for god knows how long to get it back and then use it OR he could go into reseat the vid card FIRMLY and be up and running (hopefully) in under 15 minutes. I wouldn't reseat the processor or mem unless you know what you are doing and know how to avoid static discharge. oh, and to let ya also know companies like gateway and dell will walk people through fixing a computer, as I have done with people LONNNNGGG ago (thank GOD I know longer do that!!!). Hell, you could just pretend you've never done this before and they wouldn't know the difference.

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