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Default monitor goes to black AFTER bootup

First thing to mention is that I have a new 58x CD-ROM (brand is EPO I think). That had seemed to install smoothly, and I was able to play music and games from CD for a full day without any problems.

The next day (yesterday) I tried to install a new video card... after much searching & trying, I decided to give up for the day and wait for a more experienced friend to help me.

I put EVERYTHING back the way it was before attempting the video install, and went to play an adventure game (Syberia, to be specific). 2 or 3 times, the game froze, and the only way to unlock was to hard reboot. However, things seemed normal after each reboot, and I returned to my game.

BUT, later on, just before I decided to quit for the night (if only I'd decided five minutes earlier!!), the game froze again - it was between scenes, and had faded to black, and then nothing happened. Nothing responded, no alt-tab, no ctl-alt-delete... so I did what I'd done before, and turned off the machine.

This time, when I booted up, I saw all the normal stuff, messages and stuff, windows98 splash screen, etc, but at the point where the screen goes black, and then the desktop usually appears, it stayed black. I heard my startup soundclip, and I heard the usual noise for the usual length of time while the system tray populated, I just couldn't see anything on my screen. Luckily I knew how to do a windows shutdown blind with just the keys, and I heard my shutdown soundclip, and then the "windows 98 is shutting down" splash screen DID appear as usual.

Tried restarting a few times, and basically the screen will load in safe mode, but otherwise no, and in safe mode I can't find the problem.

Consulted my guru friend (incidentally, the one who had installed the CD-ROM drive, and who had told me to wait on installing the video card until I was fully sure I knew how to), and he insists that it was screwing with the video card that caused this problem. I think it's probably either the game itself (I read some online about crash problems that should have been corrected with the patch for it I had already downloaded & installed before playing), or it's the new CD-ROM.

Anyone ever seen something like this?
(And no, I'm not typing this blind, I'm on a friend's computer )
p.s. thanks to those who gave me advice yesterday about the video card.

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if in safe mode i would check to see if there are any new drivers and install them in. also set all your settings to the min. resolution and min. colors. But the easiest way to determine if it is the video card is to put the old one back in and try to recreate the problem. Did you upgrade to the new card because you could not play this game with it or was the game already installed when you upgraded?


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Actually, the CD-ROM drive was installed specifically to be able to play this game - it required 16X or higher (24X or higher recommended), and I only had an 8X-read/4X-write... I HAD been able to play the game on the new CD-ROM okay before installing the video card... but it was only for a short time. The problem occurred after I had put in a few hours of gameplay.

The video card was needed to play a different game that I've been waiting to play for 2 months now (bad bad bad flickering video).... let me clarify, the reason I couldn't install the new card (GeForce4 MX440 64MB PCI) was that I could not disable the Sis620 onboard video (still working on finding a solution to that). So the old video card was never removed, you see. When I put the new card in, no matter whether the monitor was plugged into that or the old piece, I got "no signal input" (if you want the full story, look for a post entitled "how do I disable my onboard video?") AND no bootup whatsoever.

Like I said, I put everything back the way it was pre-vidcard-purchase, to look for answers, and while waiting I was playing this game.

The driver installed for the display is the newest available, so no luck there.

Any other ideas?
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never mind folks - problem solved:

mr. guru-friend told me to start up in safe mode, go to the device manager, and remove the display, then restart, so that it would detect and automatically re-install the original onboard Sis620... it worked, so if you'll excuse me I have to grovel at his feet
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