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Default Mobo will not POST after changing BIOS... is my proc toast?

I just purchased parts via for two new systems. I bought the same motherboard for both, with slightly different processor and memory types:

mobo: Shuttle AN35N Ultra (on both)
Proc 1: AMD Athlon XP "Barton" 400Mhz FSB 3000+
Mem 1: Kingston HyperX LL PC3200 1G (2x512)
Proc 2: AMD Athlon XP "Barton" 333Mhz FSB 2600+
Mem 2: Kingston HyperX PC2700 1G (2x512)

I put both systems together, and ran into many problems getting them to POST until I discovered that the CMOS had to be cleared on these boards even on a fresh install. After that, I got a good POST with the BIOS defaults.

On the 2600+ system, I went into BIOS and changed the settings for the processor and memory:

FSB: 166 (was 100)
Mem Speed: Auto (was "by SPD")
CPU Mult: 11.5 (was Auto)
CPU Volt: Auto
Mem Volt: Auto
AGP Volt: Auto

I save the changes, and it does two quick reboots (as it should) and POSTs fine with "AMD Athlon XP 2600+" showing on screen.

As for the 3000+ system, it POSTs when CMOS has been reset, but once I change *anything* in BIOS, it will not POST after saving changes. I've tried setting the proper speeds for the proc and memory at the same time, and individually, and no matter what I change, I get no POST, it just does a repeated beep (one long beep, 6 seconds of silence, repeat).

I have already swapped all the hardware several times, and the problem seems to follow the CPU.

Now, the 2600+ I got was a retail box, and the 3000+ was OEM, with a Thermaltake Silent Boost HSF and Arctic Silver 5 as a thermal compound. Neither system has been run without a HSF, and I can see nothing physically wrong with the CPU.

I'm nearing the end of newegg's excrutiatingly short 7-day OEM CPU return period, so I need to make a decision soon on what to do. All signs seem to point to a bad CPU, but I'd hate to send it back in RMA only to find that I overlooked something simple.

If anyone has any advice, let me know.

BTW, these system boots are all with basic hardware... CPU, video, 1 stick of memory, and a keyboard.


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Your manual should have a list of BIOS Beep codes in the back or something similar. If not in the manual then you should be able to find info on your board as to what the sounds mean. Your board is basically telling you exactly what is wrong with it with that one long beep so finding out what that beep means is your best bet. It could be just something isn't seated right, memory or something.

Read this sticky:

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I've already gone through all the steps recommended in that thread. The system is bare bones, with only the CPU, mem, vid, and keyboard. It is exhibiting the exact same symptoms in two identical boards, so I'm pretty sure it isn't an issue with bad seating. The 2600+ CPU I bought at the same time works fine on both boards, so I know the boards are good.

The manual that came with the Shuttle boards suck. They don't list the beep codes, and don't even include a troubleshooting section. There are very basic procedures that are entirely left out of the manual (such as how to remove the write-protect and flash the BIOS). Shuttle's website isn't of much help either.

I have searched the 'net for beep codes both on this particular board, and Award BIOS in general. I have found many sites, many of which give conflicting definitions of what a particular beep code means.

What is odd about the situation is that I get a POST after clearing CMOS, but it then fails to post if I change from the default settings (which have my 3000+ processor running at about 1075Mhz). But performing the exact same sequence of operations with the 2600+ processor installed, it works fine.

As I said, all signs point to the processor, I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking something obvious (or even not so obvious) before sending the proc back under RMA.

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got to the website of the board for instruction on reflashing the bios

or you can just take the board back
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Actually, further hardware swapping and testing seems to have isolated the problem to the memory. I'm using Kingston HyperX PC2700 with the 2600+ and everything is fine. I have Kingston HyperX PC3200 "Low Latency" installed with the 3000+, and it will not POST if I change any options in BIOS after clearing CMOS.

When I swap the memory between the two PCs, the problem follows the memory. I have an email request in to Kingston for support on this, but I'm still looking for options.

I got a paired set of DDR modules, and I can't believe that both of them are bad, especially since Kingston supposedly tests every module before it leaves. That only leaves board incompatibility to blame, but I don't see why the board would be fine with PC2700, but spit out PC3200 from the same manufacturer. This is the "Low Latency" version of the PC3200, which has the same 2-2-2-5 timing as the PC2700, which works fine.

Is there anything more I can try, short of returning the memory for something else?

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