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Default Re: Minors... How do you pay for your rigs?

Originally Posted by Merkwürdigliebe View Post
it's really comfortable and the keys have a nice press to them

it's just a plain keyboard, none of those stupid shortcut keys, I don't like those, very simple, but very stylish and sleek, I like it a lot, I bought mine for about $40 at the time, still no wearing on the keys, I guess it comes with time.. iunno
eh, it might be because I bought the display model... the keyboard was discontinued for the II and thus, the only thing I could find locally was the display model at a bestbuy... heh, thats how badly I wanted this keyboard and its worth it, as merk said, its quite a sexy keyboard with nothing extra (besides the beautiful lighting)

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Default Re: Minors... How do you pay for your rigs?

Originally Posted by cvb724 View Post
Man I was stuck with a Pentium II 450MHz back then. Lucky kids.
That's roughly the speed of the computer I used about 3 months ago.

Then, I convinced my mom to let me buy PC parts as my christmas present.

But I am thrify...I spent like $300 on the pc in my sig, salvaging parts wherever possible.

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Default Re: Minors... How do you pay for your rigs?

Xmas ftw....

Gotta love dem rich relatives.

Still saving though for upgrades.... o.O
$500 rig ftw: :D

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Tee Hee!
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Default Re: Minors... How do you pay for your rigs?

im 17 (almost 18) and last year i got a job working as an umpire for the little league by my house (a surprisingly lucrative business venture)... depending on the level of the games id work, id make up from about $20-40 a game (more for tourneys), which are about 1-3 hours... it worked out being like $17.50/hour on average, which is about double minimum wage, so it was a pretty sweet gig... doing that all season, plus winter ball, plus working the snack shack, plus computer tech work for friends, family, and referrals... and random odd jobs here and there... was about $2,500 for most of last year, just working in my free time with school and all... more than enough to pay for my rig...
plus the occasional birthday/christmas money (im getting older, so i get a little more) and i was good to go...

as for clothes, food, stuff, etc.... mine is typically just taken care of by my parents under the notion that school is also in part a 'job', so my 'pay' for that goes towards those kinds of things... as long as im doing good in school, they take care of it, unless its something above and beyond, in which case i pay myself...

oh, and ill prolly get a job either interning at a lawyers office this summer... or at disneyland
so if anyone goes on the jungle cruise ride this summer... look for me lol - RK

*School, work, girls? No time for computers! :P*
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Default Re: Minors... How do you pay for your rigs?

i turned 15 a few months ago but i have worked for every computer iv had since i was 10. My parents own a business so the hours are fairly flexible. But the prob is they don't always need me to work, its mostly like call ins (except not calling lol) so i also work with the local construction company, and get this i make 11 bucks an hour with them XD. Also i fix and build computers for people.
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Default Re: Minors... How do you pay for your rigs?

I've been working as a Courtesy Clerk at a grocery store since June and have saved around 2800$. I was saving for college, but seriously 2800$ is like nothing when it comes to college. I'll just try grants / scholarships / student loans instead. This way I'll be happy now.
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Default Re: Minors... How do you pay for your rigs?

Minor, lol I didn't have enough money to buy a nice computer till I graduated college and got a real job. I was on a windows 95 system (200mhz proc btw)till about 2003 I guess car insurance and gas always took the brunt of my money.
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Default Re: Minors... How do you pay for your rigs?

I had a job and split my current rig with my 50/50.
During breaks I work during school i don't.
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Default Re: Minors... How do you pay for your rigs?

I just get my parents to buy it during birthdays and when i get good grades

I got an extra big pressie this year cos i got them both! Since its my bday today, i got a P5N-D, RAM, anoter GTS 320, HDD, case, and im getting a Q9450 next week when it is released...but im stuck with that for the next 3 years...
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Default Re: Minors... How do you pay for your rigs?

I'm 17, take college courses worked untill I was 16, saved $1,000 then Bought a dirtbike, sold the dirtbike for $2,000... Got a $200.00 computer and a free $500.00 graphics card. Sold those for $700.00 after 3 years. Getting a job at Bestbuy/Geeksquad. (Those kids don't know anything, lol) - I also put $250.00 in the stock market and got $40.00 extra

I guess car insurance and gas always took the brunt of my money.
I got a free truck and I don't have to pay for gas or insurance until I turn 18, lol - they are back breakingly high though =\

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