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Default mikesgroovin...... I Need You :)

G'Day mikesgroovin,
A couple of weeks ago you suggested I try Remote Administrator for my remote access needs - thanks for that.
Well, I've tried - but, as yet, unsuccessfully.
This is what I have done; would you please tell me where I've gone wrong ?

1. I have installed RAdmin2 on both my Client and Host computers - the Client is my Laptop, which I plan on using remotely to connect to my home network's main PC, and my Host is my home Network's main PC. (I hope that's the right way round).

2. I have installed Dynamic DNS on both Client and Host. My account at www.dyndns.org is xxxxx (5 times "x", say, in this example)

3. The IP address on my Client Laptop is 192.168.0.A and on my Host PC is 192.168.0.B

4. In the Client Laptop's Remote Administrator's "Viewer", I have an icon named 192.168.0.B, my home PC's Host IP address, and in the Properties "General" tab, I have 192.168.0.B in the "Name of entry" box, xxxxx.dyndns.org in the "IP address or DNS name" box and 4899 in the "Port" box with a check in the "Use default port" box. The Remote control/view tab has been left ubtouched.

5. I have Dynamic DNS running on the Host.( Does this need to always run at startup ?)

6. In the router settings on the Host....
i) the System section Stystem tab shows:
System Name, xxxxx (same as in 2. above) and Domani Name, iinet.net.au.
In the Dynamic DNS tab, it shows : Active, checked; Service Provider, WWW.DynDNS.ORG ; Host Name, Ray (that's me); Email Address, xxxxx@iinet.net.au; User, xxxxx; and Password, 1234567890, as an example. (the x's in 6. are the same as the x's in 2. above)
The Password tab is completely blank.

ii)in the LAN section, it shows :-
DHCP Setup

DHCP Server - checked
Pool Starting Address - Count 100
Primary DNS Server - www.dyndns.org
Secondary DNS Server -


IP Address - RIP Direction - none
IP Subnet Mask - RIP Version - RIP-1
Multicast None

iii) the Port Forwarding section shows 4899 as both the Start Port and End Port and 192.168.0.B as the Server IP Address (see 3. above)

iv) the Static Route section is blank

Now......given those settings, and I hope I've explained them clearly enough - they're an accurate description, but are they clear ? That's the question - when I go to my Client Viewer's pane, highlight the 192.168.0.B icon, go to Connection and click Connect, I get a "Bad Address" error message.

What have I done wrong, mate ?

I hope you can see through the above fog, mikesgroovin, and help me get this show, and my Client laptop, on the road.

TIA for looking at the problem for me, mikesgroovin.

ps. I had a good go at pcAnywhere and, even with help from ekÆsine, made a mess of that, too. Remote Administrator does, however, *look* to be slightly easier but, if that's the case, how come I haven't got it right ?

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sorry to interupt, Ray i just had a great idea. lets try to remote dektop into your laptop. i beleive i can do this without us having to configure any ports on your router. if you have some time this week we can try again on icq or use the tech heaven chat client.

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Old 11-18-2003, 07:05 AM   #3 (permalink)
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"Sorry to interupt" ? Haha ! Not half as sorry as you're going to be, again, ekÆsine
I gratefully accept your offer. I mean......if someone has a brilliant idea that's just begging for a guinea pig to test it's brilliance, well..... I'm just that sort of sucker !
My ICQ will be at your disposal at 8pm your time every day this week, but only for about an hour or so, and so will I.
Thank you for your offer, ekÆsine.
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