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Spud5437 12-16-2004 04:16 PM

I have melted my processor to the mother board and now need both a new mobo and processor. The problem is I have no idea how much these will cost and don’t want the shop ripping me off, anyone have a guess at how much? Im also thinking of updating my hard drive thinking something around 150 – 200GB I currently have a 40GB. Any idea’s on what all this will cost me?


GeckoEcho421 12-16-2004 04:17 PM

LMAO! I WANT PICS!!!!!!!!!!

Well post what cpu/mobo your looking for and a general buget for all 3 parts.

TheMajor 12-16-2004 04:19 PM

That sucks man!

ohGrFreak 12-16-2004 04:19 PM

what socket, what proc, how fast do you want it to be? the difference could be in the few hundreds between low end and midrange. i'd say a good midrange mobo would be between 100 and 150 bucks, and a proc, well, they can get expensive. the harddrives you can fine for good prices, 200gig will maybe set you back 150-200 bucks.

Spud5437 12-16-2004 04:25 PM

i will try and post pics when i can,its in the shop at the min. lol yea it really sucks!the problem was my fan had stoped working and i had no way of knowing,i left the computer on downloading over night and the next day-AWW SH*T!! lol. im not sure about about the speed that i want-dont know much v litltle in fact about the hardware side of things! all i know is that my computer was going great one day and then a little not so good the next lol

TheMajor 12-16-2004 04:30 PM

What are your specs?

Nubius 12-16-2004 05:27 PM


i'd say a good midrange mobo would be between 100 and 150 bucks
....not hardly.....You must be shopping in the WRONG areas man because motherboards are NOT that expensive. The top Socket 939 board is only $125.. a Socket A board will run you anywhere from $50-$80 depending on what features you want.

A processor. again depending on what you want can be from $90-$180 for socket A, and it's $200-$900 for Socket 939 AMD64's.

80gb drives are about $60 right now and you can get a 200gb from Maxtor for $115 or so I believe so those aren't too expensive. It also depends if you want to go SATA or not and with SATA you can choose either 7200 RPM or 10,000 RPM drive, it's expensive but hauls ***

FoxyLoxy 12-16-2004 05:47 PM

yes your predicted prices are pretty high there ohgrfreak, look em up on pricewatch, i hope you dont pay that much.

lokivn 12-16-2004 06:01 PM

yeah i agree w/ Nubius. I just got a Socket A MoBo for $60 that had everything I wanted, it wasn't a bargain bin purchase. is everyone's friend. :)

Kadahaf 12-16-2004 07:35 PM

PIX I MUST SEE PIX and yess I made my semi fast comp with a 175$ cpu+mobo

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