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Default Massive problem... can be solved?

Alright, I was having trouble with my "Vitrual memory" ram, and so I disconnected my computer and did what others said to do, so I rest the ram, and when I put everything back I had a problem, my monitor is says "Signal cable error" so... either I should try another monitor or did something come loose in my pc? I dunno I made sure everything was tight and if it's the monitor I'm going to be pissed. the funny thing my Keyboard didn't light up when my pc is turned on. If any of this sounds like something to be answered please speak up. Many thanks

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Kind of unrelated to your primary problem, and someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think Virtual Memory refers to a section of your Hard Drive that is used by the CPU as a ‘dumping ground’ for uncompressed files it is working with, to take a bit of the strain off of the system RAM. So checking your RAM sticks would not yield results.

On the signal problem, have you tried unplugging everything and plugging it all back in again? I have once made the mistake of plugging my monitor into the Motherboard video out, (which is automatically disabled by putting in an AGP card), and wondering why it wasn’t working.

Also, you say the keyboard light didn’t come on, did the rest of the PC, (drives, fans etc.), seem to be working?


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Dude .. .. U don't hafta disconnect ur system for virtual memory problems

Anywayz .. ur system probaly didn't boot up properly that's y ur getting the no signal status on ur monitor ...

Check all ur connections again . n' reboot ..
Also does ur system beep when it's powered on?
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I had the same problem i had a intergrated video and i installed a PCI card .Whent through the steps of installing the pci card then shutdown and unplugged my monitor from the mobo video into the pci card and rebooted .Everything worked fine .But 1 day when i was working on another system . When i plugged my system back in i accidently plugged my monitor back into the on board video . I had no monitor display .So i had to plug back into the onboard video remove the pci card boot into safe mode remove the PCI card drivers .Reboot and load the Onboard video again . Then repeat the steps to install the pci card hehe
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hi, need more info. is this a system you made up yourself or did you buy it new? and what was happening to make you think you had a virtual memory problem? as someone else mentioned virtual memory can be adjusted from within windows.

have you added any hardware recently? did you upgrade the systems ram by adding a ddr stick? or have you added a new video card etc? what you thought was a virtual memory prob could have been due to the installation of whatever you added. if the pc worked properly before you made any hardware change simply remove all the added bitz and see if things are ok. if all's well add the bits one by one, if you made more than one change, and boot up to windows before adding another to see if there is a prob.
also with ram, make sure the largest of the sticks is in the first dimm slot (bank 0). or if only 1 stick is installed make sure its in bank 0. you may have put the ram back in the wrong order. you can check by going into setup if you can't see the labels on the motherboard, the main menu should tell you which banks are in use and the size of the stick in each one. dodgy ram sticks can appear as totally unrelated problems always buy it new and make sure its compatible for your system before adding it if you can.

as for the monitor it must be that it's not connected as mentioned earlier, that particular message means that power is going in from the mains but that its not attached to the pc, nothing wrong with the monitor itself. try the monitor plug in both the onboard and the pci card vga socket. then go into setup and in the advanced menu set the vga (sometimes video boot type) to either onboard or add-on depending on which you want to use. once back on the desktop you can switch between monitors /adapters from there. let me know if you need to know how later on.
good luck. i buy/sell and repair pcz and these forums are an invaluable source of info. you don't even have to join one to use and benefit from others knowledge and experience. if you ever have a prob in the future and have access to another pc, always leave it til you know exactly what the prob is before you start trying to put it right. you can often make things worse and slow up the process of getting your pc back up and running correctly.
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Virtual Memory is not Physical Memory it is a section of the HDD that is used as an overflow for the hardware memory

your Moniter problem sounds like a video card not seated properly

check the pins on the moniter cable to make sure none are bent.

also Argilus isn't your avatar from Naruto?

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