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Old 05-08-2005, 01:56 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Made new computer, having serious issues!

Howdy, first time computer builder here. I pieced together my computer no problems, worked on first boot. Installed windows updated all drivers and everything seemed fine.

The problem is that when I run nearly any appliaction, even a PC health status program the system will shutdown periodocily. I havent been able to run a program any longer then 20 mins before it shuts down. In order to get it going again I eaither have to reset or kill the power. All the LED's stay on when it shuts down so Im pretty sure its not the power source. The CPU runs at 39-45 degress so im fairly certian that isnt the issue. Only thing I can think of is maybe windows didnt install properly? I would appraciate any help or idea's!!!

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That disk is an off brand, could be faulty. You should get a Western Digital/Maxtor/Seagate 120gb SATA150 at least.

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Default Re:


Okay, so can you verify: does the system shutdown by its self completely...and all the fans, lights and what not cease?

Alright...if this is the case, have you successfully connected it to the Internet, or loaded any personal files or programs onto it via CD-ROM, Floppy Disk or Flash Drive etc...? You may have contracted the Sasser virus. In this case you'll need to remove it using a special removal tool, or scan your PC.

If you're sure it is not a virus, then verify that your CPU is not overheating, that your heatsink and fan positioned correctly and that sufficient thermal interface material is used.

You may also want to try booting into safe mode and see if your system restarts sporadically.

Make sure you've used the correct RAM, and that DIMMs are seated correctly.

Your final step would be to do a process of elimination. Remove all uneccessary components and peripherals, such as your sound card, optical drives, additional hard drives, and additional RAM modules. Boot up into Windows XP and see if there is success. Try alternating RAM DIMMs and shifting them to different slots.

If nothing works and you are sure that the problem is hardware related, then you've probably have faulty hardware. Try and pinpoint and eliminate possible hardware faults by swapping current components with other ones- such as RAM modules, PSU, Hard Drive and Motherboard.

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I would say its the PSU, but the LED stays on...what kind of PSU do u have?

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There is a new bios rev for the neo2 try that out.

The temp that you specified is way over what any amd64 should run at with a retail fan. Stock fan and cpu should run no higher than 30c at bios. Did you use thermal paste? If so did you make it a nice even coat or just gob it on? However i dont think this is your problem because the processor shouldnt start freaking until 55-60c.
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It could be any number of things, but I agree about the PSU. If you used the one that came with the case, you may be under powerd. Also I have had problems with led fans on mine before, one of the fans shorted out and caused my whole system to completely shut down.
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lol you wasted your money on 2 gigs of ram (1 gig is more than enough to run anything) and you get an outdated 4 year old card?

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Maybee he's not a gamer

But getting a 3000+ with 2 gigs of ram, defiantly want a better CPU before you worry about ram
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Samsung is not offbrand. Its completely alright.

What kind of shut down is it? Does the computer just turn off, or actually give a shut down message?
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Lights AND Fans are both on after it shutsdown
Did virus scan, no virus
PSU is XION 450w
Thermal interface is on with a nice even coat
It shutsdown without a warning instantly, sometimes im able to use an application for awhile, other times it will shutdown right away.

The RAM was only 180$ for 2 gigs, (yes I went for cheap ram) didnt have the money to upgrade a new vidcard so using the one I had before, it works just fine might upgrade in the near future.

I'll try switching the PSU and see what happens, unfortunatly the only extra I have is a 250w anyone know wether this will be enough juice to powerup my system?

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