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oh btw i THINK that the fastest PC is faster than the faster mac, probly way more pricy though.
on the comms they say its faster than a dual 3.6 xeon.... but heres what they didnt compare their g5 to...

AMD 64 (64 BIT DUH)

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Yashar, I started on a Mac (Performa 550, with 100 MB HD, 8megs of RAM, OS 7.5!) and then my past 3 computers since then have been PC's including my current one (I've gone from Win95, to 98 1st ed. and 2nd ed., and now XP). While I've been satisfied with the PC's (and enjoyed being part of the FPS evoloution from Doom up to the present), I've always missed my Mac. I do a lot of photography, as well as audio recording and mixing on my computer, and the majority of my friends that are music majors use Apple's and swear by them. I think I'm going to get a powerbook at the end of the summer before fall semester starts. One thing I have heard about apple's is 3rd party hardware conflicts (such as RAM from a different company). I really hope that isn't true.

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The first familial comp was a Mac Classic at my mom's, back in 92-93 I think. I was about 11-12 at this time. I loved it and laughed at my cousin and friends who had PCs with, agh, *MSDOS*. Some years later, I had to conclude the harsh reality, especially in those times: PCs had, not necessary more games, but much cooler ones.

That's when I switched sides. I liked to play on friend's computers. Finally, I had a 386 SX33my dad bought me, with the scary DOS thing. (back in 95-96... yup, talk about technology lag! People were begining to get Pentiums 70-90! But we weren't quite rich) I hated it at first. But when I got the hang of id, woah, now *that* was fun!

I still used my mom's Mac when going at her house, and she later had a Performa 5200. She bought it used from a job mate, and the thing had Photoshop installed on it... *That* was fun! But I was still partial to PCs, I mean, I wanted to own one more bad than a Mac.

Now, I have a PC home, and use a Mac at school and will use one at work (when I'll get one). I think it's the perfect world. I'm student in Computer Graphics, so Macs are quite the standards in this industry.

So, like many said, both Macs and PCs get the job done, but differently. And each has specialties.

Stability: Maybe it's because they were old and school computers, and more pushed to the limit, but last year, I had more frequent crashes on my school G3 with OS 9.2 than my 2 years with my Win2000 machine... which shows me a Blue Screen of Death once every, 5-6 months. At school, had a "bomb" at least twice a week.

And as far as our new machines go (we have eMacs 1ghz with OS 10.3 this year), YES the system is very stable (almost like my W2K), but it's the damn applications that keep crashing! lol Well, not *that* bad, but quite irritating... Those who used QuarkXPress know what I'm talking about.

I kinda like the Macs interface, it's all pretty and stuff, too cute for me though. Like WinXP. I just love the Exposé feature in OS 10.3! There's some little things I hate about this OS though, the general navigation design, maybe because I'm too much used to Windows. I can't put my finger on it, but I keep thinking I'd like to have a bastard machine with a mix of both Win2000 and OS X. And I HATE surfing the web with a Mac. Especially with those 1 button mouse! I wanted to bring my USB Logitech Wheelman mouse at school so many times! Dunno what the teachers will think about it though.

So, both systems are great, in my opinion. I just can't live without both: PC to relax, surf the web, and play; Mac to bring some dough home.
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as for me, I am not against Macs or PC's

this is what I think
there is a lot less viruses on Macs; the Mac OS X being the best of that, with NO virus problems.
they are generally more stable

with one Mac against one PC in a fair competiton - like 1GHZ verses 1GHZ, same video cards; Macs have AGP ports too! - the Macs generally have beter performance; although they are usually more expensive, so it evens out with price verses performance.

Macs are easier to get used to than PC's - it's just that people generally spend more time on PC's

Macs generally have better work and graphics programs, just not nearly as many as PC's

you can get Windows Emulators to use Windows programs on a Mac, but you can't get Mac emulators on PC's

all in all I like both, I use a Windows machine, and want a Mac G5 as well as a new Windows PC

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