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Default Looking to buy a good Keyboard

It's all in the title, I've had a look around and I was considering Cyborg's offerings but I'm not entirely sure myself.

These are what I was looking at:

Cyborg V.7 Keyboard

Cyborg V.5 Keyboard

I can get the first for 65 and the second for 40. I'm more interested in the first thanks to the backlighting effects on offer but I'm not convinced. The keyboard I currently use is the one I got with my dell.. and I'm using an Mx 518 mouse before you ask about the mouse... and no I'm not using the Dell anymore, I built my own computer (with help from some of the guys on this forum, and thanks once again it's worked out great!).

I've also had a look at some razer boards but they seem overpriced for what you get. These Cyborg ones look nice but the amazon reviews are sketchy, as for all other keyboards I looked at. I was considering Logitech but I have no use for a G19 and the lower version has problems with the backlighting apparently.

By the way, backlighting is important for me because gaming in the dark is rather difficult, as is touch typing. I figure backlighting would allow me to touch type and game to my heart's content in all light levels.

Thanks for your time, it is appreciated

- Joppsta

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Default Re: Looking to buy a good Keyboard

I've always used Logitech stuff, but never got into the baclight stuff.

Never messed with Cyborg.

You consider this one? Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110 - USB | Ebuyer.com

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Default Re: Looking to buy a good Keyboard

The V5 is identical to my Saitek Eclipse. It's a good board.

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Default Re: Looking to buy a good Keyboard

I actually looked at that one, that would have been another I suggested... I can get it for 45 off Amazon


I'm really interested in the V7 though, the WASD keys are made of metal or something but are apparently stiffer which is awkward for touch typing so I'd really like to know if anyone here has any experience with it? The thing with the G110 that turns me off is the backlighting doesn't seem very strong.
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Default Re: Looking to buy a good Keyboard

I've owned three Eclipse keyboards and all three are still in use... my mom uses the I, sister uses the II, and I use the III. They're good keyboards.. However, it's been... about three years since I bought this Eclipse III and a few keys are starting to wear out (for example my g key sometimes needs to be pressed a few times) and the nubs on the j and h key are starting to thin, showing the backlight. For being in nearly constant use for three years straight it certainly is holding up very well. The color choices aren't all great.. Red, blue, pink, magenta, and purple... I keep mine red.
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Default Re: Looking to buy a good Keyboard

I have the Logitech g510, which is practically the g110 with a screen and 6 extra macro buttons. The g510 is plentiful and the g110 would easily suffice. For gaming the keyboard holds up quite well. The only disadvantage is that the back lighting isn't that strong because of the way they tried isolating the lights to each individual key. But on the most part I like my keyboard and it does more than what I need it to do!

Hope I helped.
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Default Re: Looking to buy a good Keyboard

Thanks for the feedback guys, I went with the V7. Prompt amazon delivery as always and.. wow.

This keyboard is great, the keys feel heavier but I think that would have been the case no matter what i upgraded from with that Dell... the WASD and the spacebar feel great, it's so much easier to find your way back when you get lost on the keyboard to WASD now and the backlighting, although I don't like how the colours bleed and mix with each other is fairly nice. I think for what I get for 60 i cannot really complain but the program for using the extra keys is pretty "meh" for me, although this is obviously my first experience and I would say that the actual key's printing is shoddy in some places, but that's more of a taste thing perhaps? Overall I'm fairly satisfied, although this has been a rather expensive month..

I had to replace my X11 Turtle Beach with the X12 after the left earcup died.. but then it works the next day. No matter, the X12s work great too.

Thanks for all the help.. !

- Joppsta
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Default Re: Looking to buy a good Keyboard

Okay now I'm having some minor issues with it, the touch sensitive screen is not responsive upon rebooting for whatever reason. I think it's driver related since when I updated the driver it worked... but having to do this EVERY TIME i boot is somewhat like a chore...

Just for reference in case someone does refer to my case... there is a strange issue with it. Nonetheless it works flawlessly in the keyboard aspect but the bells and whistles seem to have some sort of issue with regards to reboots or maybe I'm just a noob. Quite possibly the latter, drivers don't really get on well with me.
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Default Re: Looking to buy a good Keyboard

I'm guessing that you are running Windows 7. I had a problem with windows and it managing drivers. Sometimes it thinks it knows best when it doesn't.
Disable the function to automatically find drivers for connected hardware.
Then install your keyboard drivers (if necessary) and reboot.
If the drivers remain, then problem solved.
Build to be updated, a reminder to myself.
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Default Re: Looking to buy a good Keyboard

Correct my friend. I'm guessing this option is under control panel...

Thanks for the tip, this is probably the cause I guess because Windows does tend to act like a... small rabid animal when it comes to logic. It would then explain why my wireless dongle and onboard audio occasionally don't work when i boot either (which results in having to restart)... that's a much rarer affair though, so it doesn't bother me so much considering how fast a reboot is ^^

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