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Old 08-02-2006, 11:06 PM   #11 (permalink)
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wow... looks good, i think thats the same dell computer i had (before i upgraded it to the monster machine im currently using )

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Originally posted by vipercrazed
nice find man, i wouldnt chance using the old psu, did you get it open? it probaly covered still there are alot of fragile parts in it and alot of steel which rusts fast. what about the hdd, with enough water wouldnt it get inside it? thats probaly fried. but i dunno, there are too many parts, you have tyo completely dissasemble, like take off the dvd cover from the drives clean all those lasers, and there bands
if the ram has HS's take those off, o about the hdd, dont take it apart just hope it works, that you dont wanna open, because of dust particles.
i would put it in sun for a couple hours or so, too before it goes together, i dont know how you would clean the white socket pin holes out if it was filled with muck, that doesnt seem possible.

well i wish you luck, youll need it(badly)
actually, hard drives are very sealed off. I doubt water would be able to get into it.

and this one's a socket 775, so the CPU itself doesn't have pins. they're on the motherboard.

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Old 08-03-2006, 01:34 AM   #13 (permalink)
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Wow man you got lucky. That had to be pretty exspensive for a machine and you can just clean it up and make it like new. Pretty much just take everything apart, clean it (like Trotter said) and it should be fine. Everything. As long as they cut the power before the water got to the PC (at least an hour before) it shouldnt have been charged anymore and you can just clean mud and rust off easy. Clean it, let it dry for 24hours, then try it. Youll be suprised that it might actualy still work.
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i cant wait to see what happens! good luck dude!
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Well, good news and bad news. After an in depth cleaning and drying, I went over to a friend's house (my friend with some arctic silver thermal paste), and we got it all back together. Everything worked except the hard drive which sadly was shot. I don't have any other SATA drives, but a friend gave me a PCI IDE card, so I can throw the hard drives on the motherboard, and the CD drives on that. Everything went great, and we got it up running XP (my friend had a hard drive with Windows already on it that we tested it with). Then I got home, and things went downhill from there. I started trying to put one of my hard drives in to install windows on, and it was going fine, but then I took a garage saleing break, and when I got back it would get messed up post POST, and then just pre POST. But I'm guessing that that's more likely due to a configuration change than delayed water damage. I keep getting Ithr errors, but I've read that that can be due to other things, and occasionally I'm told to run SETUP. Anyways, I'll keep working on it. I'm about to go downstairs, put everything back in the last known working condition, and give it a shot from there.


Oh yeah, stats:
Dimension 4700
2.8 ghz Pentium 4 with HyperThreading
512 meg of dual channel DDR 2 RAM
Radeon x300 (128 meg, PCI-E)
Old hard drive = 80 gig SATA (dead)
Now - 20 gig IDE for XP, 10 gig IDE for Vista
DVD drive, CD writer
LGA-775 Motherboard
305 watt PSU, worked after flooding, amazingly enough
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Old 08-03-2006, 09:41 PM   #16 (permalink)
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305W PSU, it's possible that's what's causing the crashes
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wish i could get lucky like that and get a $500-800 dollar computer for free and get it working, sadly no one that i know of isn't planning on throwing out their computer on my street at my moms

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on word...ouch
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haha, welcome to my got mad at me and put mine ontop of the trash can and it raind that it got messed up, i did everything to clean it, compressed air, then a toothbrush and cleaned it...pc was perfect!!!until the ps died...and it fried the mobo, the 12v rail was getting 13, the 5 was getting 5.75, and the 3 was getting 4,...gawd i miss that pc...

home build
mobo: asus K8V-MX 754 matx
processor: sempron 3100+
ram: 2x viking 512mb
ps: apex 300 watt
video: nvidia geforce mx4000
case: hp pavilion 7940
hd's: seagate 20gb, seagate 40gb

mom owed me a new pc, but had a heart attack, so i never got it
well neways the ps went and fried the mobo, ram, and processor, left my video card and my 40 gb hdd alone fortunatley two things survived....but yea you should get a new ps, dont trust the old one, those things are fragile

wish u the luck on it, good find!!!, should be good if u got all the water. o, make sure the caps on the mobo arent bulging(mine did, one poped half of, thats when mine died) if they are, get a new ps, but i put my mobo infront of a swamp cooler that had no water, maybe that did me in....
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try switching out the PSU, I'm pretty sure mud and other crap is built up inside. Theres no real good way to clean it out xept get a cheap replacement for like 30 dollars.


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