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Default Lg flatron w2361vg hardware help

trying to repair this lg flatron w2361vg monitor, fixed a power issue, and then i was going to fix the power button, but i have no clue what the **** this even is or how it works. The button that activates it doesnt touch it so it tells me its not a button which makes no damn sense why you wouldnt build a backup power button.

The button doesnt turn the switch on and off anymore oddly enough.
i can turn it on, but i have no clue how i do it, i just jingle it around randomly (the actually power cable thingy itself) and it turns on, i've tried touching it anywhere i could find a place that might work, tried to shine light on it, maybe move some things around, but to no avail


front of power board (on)

back of power board (on)

back of power board (off)

front of power board (off)

on/off power button (interior)

on/off power button (exterior)
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Extended history of issue:
It first started off by my monitor buzzing up the menu screen ever half a second. To fix this i pulled out all of the buttons and even the button board itself. This fixed 90% of the menu problem, it still comes up every now and again, but its bearable now. Then i noticed that my monitor would randomly turn off and on, so i tried to see if the power button would work, i had to put a good amount of force for it to turn on and stay on. but then the monitor just wouldnt turn on one day after i had accidentally nudged it after moving my desk stuff around. So i took it apart and found out i had accidentally unplugged an inner power cable, plugged it back in, walah! the power is back atleast, but the button is no good, i looked at it for about 3 hours, experimenting on what made it turn on and off, but i couldnt figure out any remote pattern, simply by shaking it it sometimes turned on, then i would just leave it on the floor for 2 seconds and come back and it randomly turned on, and just random stuff like this. i managed to make it turn on and stay on but the power button still doesnt work and i would like to know if their is an issue with my power board thingy in the picture, or am i just doing something wrong, nothing is unplugged or cut or anything, but i fear that it may be going bad because even though the buttons are unplugged the menu screen sometimes flickers on and off for about 10 seconds and leaves for another 2 hours... when i wiggled the cord for it before, it fixed it, and then i had to take it apart for the power issue and now the power button plain out doesnt turn on/off the power board.

also, it has been sitting stagnant on a desk for about 4 years without any use, so im expecting a malfunction or two.

If its a bad piece, can i replace it? Where to buy from? and what price am i looking at?

Maker: Lg
model: Flatron w232621vg
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