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Default LCD vs. CRT (civilized discussion)

I know they have been threads like this here before, but the situation is different this time. I got a tremendously good deal on a 19" LCD, 16ms refresh rate for $150. I just couldn't pass it up. Now I put it on my Pentium 3, and I notice how much better and clearer and sharper the image is vs. my Samsung SyncMaster CRT. So I attempt to hook it up to my gaming PC, it looks awesome! However, in games, it looks like crap, so I immediately knew this wasn't my gaming monitor. However, for desktop applications, the CRT just looks so dull compared to the LCD. I'm thinking that maybe a fast refresh rate, like 4ms LCD would actually be better than a CRT? What do you think...lets keep this civilized and intellectual.

P.S. I compared it with my NEC Syncmaster CRT as well and it even the NEC still looked dull.

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Well, I just got a Samsung 913N, 8ms response time, and it's better than my old CRT for everything, incuding games, even at 1024x768 I think. Maybe that's because my CRT was a really bad one though.


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For me the decision is all based on space... I could never fit a 19" CRT on my desk, let alone 2 of them. That for me is the biggest point going for the LCDs.
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One of the biggest problems with an LCD is that you have to spend a great deal of time researching to get the best monitor for your budget. The response time is an estimate of the best possible preformance not the average. Plus there are a few different ways of measuring response time and not many companies use the exact same system.

On the positive side if you pay for a 19" screen you get just about 19" whereas with a CRT the frame hides a good portion of that screen. They are also excellent for reducing glare from bright light sources.
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I think the only 4ms LCD is made by viewsonic and costs $500 (on newegg).
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When you say it looks like crap what do you mean by it? you will find that an lcd looks different to your crt so may not look as you are used to in games but there is also the issue of colour reproduction not being as good on an lcd screen. the better the monitor the better the colour reproduction will be, obviously at $150 it was not a high end monitor.

out of curiosity if you only had to pick one monitor to use for everything which one would you choose? right now my crt gets very little use and i do everything with my lcd
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IMO u want 12ms or less for gaming. 16 might have some ghosting

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Beed, do your CRT's have a flat tube?
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"You've just opened a door to a whole new world, Beedubaya" This is a no brainer, and i'm sure many of you have read my posts regarding this topic. I researched for weeks and I compared the differences. Buy a $400 CRT and a new $400 desk, or buy a $600 LCD with better color. picture, easier on the eyes and a bigger screen size?? It was easy. I think the newest LCDs overall are much better than CRT's. And yes anything with 8ms or less is aewsome for games; as testified by everyone who has bought one.
The best LCD on the market (within reason$), is not the 4ms Viewsonic VX924 but rather the upgraded Viewsonic VP191b 8ms which is more consistently responsive at games than the 4ms unit; as tested by TomsHardware. It also has more color and better viewing angles etc.
I laugh everytime I play BF2; the picture and clarity is absolutely amazing! No noticebale ghosting at all. (I know CRT's are still "faster" but you wont notice it guys)

Here's some links Beedubaya:
P4 3.2
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I personally love my LCD. I do alot of moving from home and back to school every semster so it a big plus to carry a much much lighter LCD over my old CRT. My LCD has 16ms responce time and I be truthful I never have notice any ghosting and I get very high fps.

The next thing I going to say is proberly different for everyone but at least for me the LCD screen is a lot easier on my eyes. On my CRT after being on the computer for a long time I would find my eyes tearing. This almost never happens now that am using a LCD.

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