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u4ic_fln 07-23-2005 07:49 PM

LCD monitor or TV?
ok everyone... im in the market for a new monitor... the one i am considering is the samsung 213t...

from what ive heard its really nice... 1600x1200 resolution... usually priced between $650 and $800....

but today, it occured to me that i could buy an LCD tv with PC input to serve as my monitor... i dont have an exact model to show you, but the ones i am looking at are 26-27 inches in diameter.... however, the drawbacks are... 1) they usually run about $800 to $1000... and the resolution is only 1280x768....

so i guess what i am asking is... have you or anyone you've heard of tried to use a tv as your computer monitor? any reactions? positive? negative? and also, would you buy a monitor 21.3" in diameter with a resolution of 1600x800? or a 27" monitor with a resolution of 1200x768?

thanks in advance... :)

AuBrEy Online 07-23-2005 07:58 PM

i'd go for the PC one! (top) you can use a TV indted however the picture doesn't seem as good!

u4ic_fln 07-23-2005 07:59 PM

true... but with an extra 6 inches in screen size... i mean who doesnt want an extra 6 inches... :P

bartthecartoon 07-23-2005 08:53 PM

I think you should buy a computer moniter, because of the better picture quality, you might have some trouble seeing small detail on the TV

timmer 07-23-2005 10:33 PM

well if u get an hd tv u should be alright maybe a litlle blurry with some text but gamin would be kick *** ide say get a decent crt 200$ and then get a nice tv and hook ur tv and the monitor up to the card or maybe u can get a real cheap crt so u can use for text then a tv for some kick *** gaming

u4ic_fln 07-23-2005 10:35 PM

yea... i was planning on getting TV that supports HD...

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