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Thumbs up LCD monitor help.

Hey guys me again.

anyways, I am looking for a nice LCD monitor for my next gaming rig, which means, it has to be a good one, good for gaming.

here what im looking for

The best I can get, that is 19" and priced between 200-350 dollars.

Your thinking, why should I help this guy, he can do it on his own!

well, it's simple, I don't know jack squat about LCD's so, thats where your help comes in. If I knew how to judge them, I would have picked on a long time ago.

anyways, thanks in advance.

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thats not what I was thinking...

I don't know jack squat about lcd's either, I would suggest a CRT over one of them though, the picture quality is much better and they are cheaper...

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Well as its a gaming rig you really want to look for a monitor with a low response time - like under 12ms or something. Otherwise you get a blurry effect (ghosting i think its called).

Another thing, try and get one with the highest contrast ratio too as it will give better image quality. I think 450:1 is average? But the higher the better
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ok. thanks.
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for gaming u shud look for closer to 1000:1
and 8ms.

but be aware that it wariate how to messsure this.

Ive seen 25ms screens been better than 16ms screens.

This acures when that with 16ms mesure only how fast the color changes.

But the 25ms screen mesures all from black to white. (the crystal have to turn all ower)

the "glas plate" it self is made in diferent ways too. i belew it to b 3 systems. unf i dont remember it so good now.
(i think Samsung is using a-si tft/tn)
I wil try to find where i readed about this.

Oh and i wud go for Samsung SyncMaster 930BF
I have an Samsung Syncmaster 193T Who is good but a bit old now.
Its 25ms. but still handels games lik U2k4 and BF 1942.
In the begining i noticed a smal ghost. but it disapered after a few houers. wether i got used to it. or if the screen needed som "drivin" time i dont know.
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Old 07-05-2005, 12:14 AM   #7 (permalink)
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I just spent 2 weeks researching this topic and I narrowed it down to these:

1) Viewsonic VP191B -va monitor 8ms

2) Samsung 913T (also 930B) -tn monitor 8ms

3) Hyundai L90D+ -tn monitor 8ms

4) Samsung 193p+ -va monitor 8ms

5) Benq FP91v+ -tn monitor 6ms

Va monitors are overall better because they display more colors (16.7 million vs 16.2 for tn's) and they offer much better viewing angles. Up until recently they couldnt compete with tn type panels for games because tn's are faster.
I chose the VP191B (bought it 2 days ago) because it was by far the best rated in professional reviews and also in forums I read by actual users of the display. It's great for games, movies, text, pictures, features (has a height adjustment too, most don't).
I also tried out the Benq and it was great in games but lacked in movies and had a glossy screen which reflected too much.
And although the Samsung 193p+ looks aewsome on paper the reviews I read about it said it had trails behind moving objects in games, yuck.
That Hyundai is best bang for the buck and the Samsung 913t is really nice too.
Also, its really important to get a monitor with a DVI (digital) connection not just an analog one. (most now have both)

Here's some informative reading.

"But LCD monitors are not just better for your desk, they’re better for you and your health. Staring at a CRT bombards you with the radiation of three electron beams that are continually refreshing the entire screen 60 to 85 times each second. There’s a reason that so many people have radiation shields for their monitors!

And although your brain doesn’t register the constant refreshing, your eyes do, and they have to work harder to absorb the information. LCD monitors don’t refresh in this way. Pixels are constantly on or off, which greatly reduces eye fatigue and strain. Finally, an LCD monitor weighs 20 to 25 pounds less than a CRT, saving your back when you need to move it. "
P4 3.2
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12ms (one that really has this response time) would be the bare minimum for gaming but you should get better. i too like crt's juice daddy. when ever i need another monitor i get crt's from my schools IT staff. my school has been working towards upgrading all monitors to lcd so the IT staff have probably about a hundred stacked in their room

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