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Old 04-20-2005, 04:34 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Just bought an ALIENWARE and I am reading reviews that are scaring me sh*tless

I just bought the new Area-51 550 with the
dual-core processing Intel chip.

The order went in today.

Decided to do a little research across the Internet
on Alienware customer satisfaction. What I found
made my mouth gape open.....

Hundreds of posts from frustrated Alienware owners
who basically say that Alienware systems are crap.

Posts from people who actually work or have worked
for the company that say that the computers are put
together by teenagers in warehouses with very little
quality control.

It's pretty damn scary to read when you consider this
isn't just a few posts -- but hundreds.

I have come here in hopes of hearing from people I
actually know own these computers and find out just how
good or bad these computers are.

Please - give me the honest opinion.


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well chances are they get kids fresh out of taking the A+ cert test, put them on an assembly line and bam! "Our computers are made by A+ certified technicians!"

They are supposed to be good computers though, however you coulda saved a boat load of money coming here, asking for help and putting it together yourself

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Old 04-20-2005, 04:49 PM   #3 (permalink)
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Thanks for the reply, Nubius.

Don't want to build a computer.

I wanted the Dual-Core Processing.

Alienware is the only company offering -- Dell is next.

Most people would suggest I stay away from Dell.
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Old 04-20-2005, 04:54 PM   #4 (permalink)
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I dont own one, but next door neighbor does.Customer service was ok, delivery time took longer than they said,by quite a bit.The system does work no problems, it is overpriced by a fair amount, you can usually build one yourself cheaper.The cases are a little unique compared to some others, but similar ones can be found easy enough.As for quality control, im not suprised, most mass market PC's even custom ones are put together by short timers working for minimal pay.My 2 cents, if you want a custom PC, do it locally, goto a local shop that has a good rep and have them build one for you, most will do it for a reasonable assembly fee and they get dealer prices on parts.Their young geeks cant be any worse than the little warehouse full of newbie geeks alienware uses.Ive got a couple shops here locally and thats where you'll find some hardcore geeks these days, and they always have the latest and greatest new toys to play with as "demo" models
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meh, i love alienware computers, but i hate the ppl that run the place over there. i bought a jacket from them and it took 4 months to get to me and i got sooo pissed.
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@ NJRonbo avoid dell with your life they are the worst around. If i were you i would start reading up on whats good and wats not and keep upto date for when u need a new comp also open up ur case and have a look around see whats what, u wont break anything by just looking. thats what i did. 1st upgrade was ram then stuck new graphics card in. easy really.

buyin a dell or alienware means ur paying loads ectra for them to build it. i know my shop builds em up for £35 which is about $70 and thats alot when u can do it urself in about a hour.
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Thanks for the advice but again, building is NOT
an option.

All I really need to know is how many others have
had good/bad experiences with Alienware.

Thanks in advance!
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alienwares are good, those people probably got ripped off and got pissed (alienware rips you off really bad).

imo, you should have just gotten a dual core cpu and built a comp yourself

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mo, you should have just gotten a dual core cpu and built a comp yourself
Guys, I understand your perfect advice.

But PLEASE read my posts above....

Building is not an option. I run a business and don't
or knowledge to build a computer.

Just really need to know how much faith I can put
into Alienware.

Thanks everyone!
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how much did u buy the alienware for

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