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Default interesting sound from my computer

This isnt a problem really just a curiosity of mine and i cant seem to figure out whats causing this. at random times not very often but occasionally i hear what i can best describe as a popping sound. almost like someone tapped on the side of the case. it is quite easily heard and my first guess was the power supply but i have no clue. When i do hear it though nothing happens. no power fluctuations , no problems of any kind in anyway arise from this. I cant determine what component in the computer would be doing this. The only thing that made me finally ask about it is i had the computer unplugged for a few minutes and i heard this distinctive sound coming from the computer again bit this time with no power. i dont know what to make of it. i was in a different room and i heard it two more times without a doubt coming from within the computer and without power. seems pretty weird to me but maybe its easily explained.

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you had no power going to your computer at all? like turned off at the switch or just your computer turned off?

And is it coming from inside the case or from your speakers?

Also is the sound clearly electrical or is it a natural sound? Like could it be something like the case is too tight and is popping?

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Eh, that's possible. Though i'm sure he would be able to tell if it was a metal or plastic creaking kind of pop.

There is also the possibility that:

1. He has a severe power-cable problem that's shocking the PS buffer.

2. He has a discharge unit in the box (though I haven't seen one of those in a personal PC yet!).

3. A heatsink is clicking (due to an impurity or faulty mounting/design).

4. He has (and I've seen this many times before) something living inside his box. Don't laugh. I had a friend who's den was in his basement and he found a nest of mice living inside his RAID cabinet!

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I had no power going to my computer at all. nothing was connected to it at all. no power cable , no mouse, keyboard, nada.

I've heard the case make sounds when i tilt it left to right and i can hear the base of it shifting and i hear the metal make a sound but not like sound im hearing. I dont know what to make of the sound electrical or mechanical. Sometimes i dont hear it for a long time. i will have to keep track of temperature changes and if it occurs more when it gets colder or hotter.

The psu is a 650watt power supply and ive had no problems with it as of yet so i dont believe that is the problem. i have a utility to watch the voltages and all is well. I also have a 800volt 540watt uninteruptable power supply so its very well protected.
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