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He's got a point, idiotec.


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this arguement is gonna rage on for years yet cos neither company is gonna back down so they will all have followers. can we all just play nice and admint no chip is perfect nomatter how much uve spent on it

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Do you deny that this forum ends up being more "high horse" AMD jabber than actual technicle chat?
That's all this forum is anymore,If you don't have an AMD cpu or NVIDIA video card they don't want you here it seem's,If you ask a question about Intel or ATI you get 10 reply's telling you they suck and you should switch over but not even 1 reply trying to help you,For the last couple month's these forum's have been really going down hill
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Heh, I have an AMD cpu with an ATI card... I must be special.

All forums have ups and downs. Heck, I can't see anything wrong with this place. Better than alot of the other tech forums out there.

I go with AMD for CPUs. They're cheaper, and they've performed better than when I had Pentiums. It seems like Intel corp. has been a little unstable, but I don't hate them for it.

As for the ATI/NVIDIA war, that's just personal choice.

At the current trend, I can guess that AMD dual-cores are going to out-perform Intel in gaming, obviously, but I'm guessin' that the folks over at AMD are workin' on other areas too that Intel currently exceeds in. Jus' gotta watch.

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lol my friend has an AMD CPU with ATI vid card too...hell before this system I had an Intel with an Nvidia card....WHOA!

I like nvidia, and I prefer them, I've said this hundreds of times. But also I've said "ATI , nvidia, either which way you go, you're going to get ridiculous performance in games" regarding the high-end CPU's

as far as AMD goes, I listed why I like them and very rarely do I simply say Intel sucks! "why nubius?" Ummm....JUST BECAUSE!

I give my reasons albeit my own personal reasons for liking them or disliking them.

And when I say things like:

I don't mean the CPU itself is crap, I'm talking about how they market the phrase HT TECHNOLOGY! like it's some brand new outstanding device implimented.

Oh well. Either way I've come to the point where I'm not learning too much anymore from here. I help a lot of people, but it's generally with older systems and just general info, so Im venturing into xtremesystems where all the world OC'ers are held! I'm learning some good new stuff about WCing and pushing system limits
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Ok, I don't want this debate to linger too long, but I have to make couple points, it's in my nature
Yeah no crap. But then you have your generalization that 'AMD = Gaming, Intel = Everything else' which is simply not true. That article regarding the Intel having to be at 5.2GHz to compete with the AMD FX-55 proves just that as they don't test JUST gaming but an array of synthetic benches, audio encoding, multimedia I believe, and arithmatic tests.
I am not saying "AMD=Gaming, Intel=Everything else", but come on, Intel has its areas where it excels. Believe me, I did a TON of research before building my current system. I knew exactly what I was giving up, and what I was gaining. When you compare a P4 3.x compared to a AMD A64 3x00+, you see clear areas where one chip does better than the other.
I say that in the sense that they will market their higher clock speeds that are in some cases less efficient. Marketing is one thing, but when you start making chips that have high clock speeds that can't even compete with a chip hundreds of MHz less, there's a problem there. They say 'with mobile technology!' when referring to a laptop...they say 'WITH HT TECHNOLOGY!' which means nothing. My hand as '*** wiping technology!!' but does that mean
I am not sure on this one, since I can't read the minds of Intel management, but I don't know whether they intentionally have higher clock speeds for marketing purposes, or it is just inherent in their specific technology.

Either way it doesn't make a difference, it is not about comparing MHz, but performance.
Yes there is a lot of 'INTEL SUCKS!' but at the same, time I never see anyone such as yourself, saying AMD SUCKS!....and heres technicaly data why. All I ever see you saying is 'Whatever...get off your high horse'...'get off the soap box' without any technical chat from yourself although this:
That is exactly the point! I could go out with "AMD Sucks" crap, but that is just gay. As I said before, anyone with Google can see for themselves exactly how each chip performs at different applications.

Oh, well, it's neither here nor there. There is one thing that is not debated here, beer is very good.

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Intel has its areas where it excels
Yeah I completely agree there man. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Intels SUCK at everything or anything like that. That's not what I'm saying at all, so yes I agree with you on that. If they didn't excell at something they wouldn't be in business

Either way it doesn't make a difference, it is not about comparing MHz, but performance
Yeah but whats the most common thing people ask when going from Intel to AMD?

"Why is AMD only at 2.2GHz?" so whether it's meaningful marketing or not, it plays in peoples minds. How many out there do you think probably goes "Hmmm that AMD FX-55 is weak...$1000 and only 2.6GHz!?! Psht, what crap" so those numbers do effect peoples decisions....generally the uneducated or previous dell users

beer is very good.
Actually beers not good...heres why.....haha just kidding

Don't much care for drinking myself, but an occasional labatt or moosehead is nice.

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