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Question Intel or AMD?


i wanna build a gud high-performance pc, nd i want a STABLE one! i heard tht u get rly good performance with Intel's Petium 4's but I hear they're not as reilable and stable as the AMD ones. any1 out there hu can clarify this?

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dont know about stability of the too bein different but if its high performance you want then its gotta be 64 bit which is AMD, well you dont have to go 64 bit but its the way of the future

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Intel doesn't have an affordable 64bit processor yet...only for server usage

For 64bit go for the AMD 64 processors.

If you want to play games you have to go AMD
For heavy applications like picture/video editing, photoshop, golive etc go for a dual-CPU system or a P4 with HT technology
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Apps go for Intel, for games go with AMD

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Originally posted by The Merlin
Apps go for Intel, for games go with AMD
Ye, but i do both. I am a gamer, but i also do tons of app kinda stuff! Where dya go nw?
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amd have the same performance as intel, and even in some aspects better performance at a much lower cost. is the case of stability, both are stable as long as they dont overheat and get proper steady current from your psu. for reliable software, use linux, but for games use windows. the good thing about linux is that you can recompile the kernal for your custom hardware, like amd athlon xp, 64bit or intel hardware.
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i would go with a amd 64. in lots benchmarks for apps, they score almost as much as intel, if not more in some places now. You can go to and and search for amd processors or w/e, and there and a bunch of benchmarks. i went through alll of them, and i chose to go with the 3500+. I do both gaming, and lots apps.
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I personally use Intel, after having a messed up AMD expirience. I have a P4E (prescott) 3.2 that's overclocked to 3.51 and blows away both games and multiple programs at a time, thanks to hyperthreading.

Although, I MIGHT try a AMD FX next time I build a kickin PC, just to test the AMD waters again.
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Default Re: Intel or AMD?

Originally posted by NX5

i wanna build a gud high-performance pc, nd i want a STABLE one! i heard tht u get rly good performance with Intel's Petium 4's but I hear they're not as reilable and stable as the AMD ones. any1 out there hu can clarify this?
you have got it right

Amd put protection in their computer

stick a video card in wrong, you will see what i talking about.
Amd won't boot until you fix it. Pent 4.... it try to come on and fry itself

once i came home from a thunderstorm. my computer's were off my amd computer circuit breaker kick off. I turn it back on and all was well. my gateway (pent 4) was fried.

another time the electric thing for our house electric exploded on the telephone pole . the amd was fine. the gateway harddrive had an unbootable mount error and i had to reinstall xp. I lost my data too.

but that said

I've had no problems with My wife's sony Viao

P.S. pent 4 handle video chores better, but amd handle everything else better like burning cd, games, etc.
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Athlon 64's are faster in 32-bit than P4's, and will be even better in 64-bit
even the socket 754's which don't support dual channel perform better than the P4's
AMD CPU's also are designed better so that their architecture supports more instructions than P4's do. the Semprons and Athlon 64's support all of the 32-bit instructions, and the P4's sometimes won't be able to process some
also, the time it takes to complete instructions is much less on AMD CPU's; where it takes an Intel CPU like 13 clock cycles to complete a complex instruction, it takes AMD about 3
and for shorter instructions AMD's complete more per clock cycle

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