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Angry Incredible P.S.U. Slayer/why me

so, in the last 6 months i have gone thu 2 power supplies in my newly built pc, and im pretty sure this next one will be dead soon as well.

initially i had a 350watt that came with the case when i ordered it. it was useless right off the bat~causing the harddrives to fail and the monitor to go out at some point.

i replaced the psu with a 450watt/dual fan and it ran just fine for about 4 months, but then the symptoms of my harddrives failing began to show again.. knowing what the problem was, i emediatly replaced the psu with and even better one.

now currently, i am using a 550watt/dual exhaust. about a week ago there was a power outage. i was very upset to learn that all of my music and half of my videos had magically become corrupt.
whats even more annoying is the random shut-offs i've been having. it's really difficult to play final fantasy XI when your pc dies every 2-3 hours.

so what i want to know is if this is really just a psu problem or if there's something more to it. i have updated my BIOS, and i have turned my processor down a little as well. after doing, so the shut-offs ended but now the monitor goes out instead.

thank god for warranties..who knew for 10 extra bucks id get as many psu's as i wanted -_^

PC Specs:

Asus AV7600-X
Athlon 3200
768mgs RAM
Nvidia Asylum 256mgs

Current PC Monitor:

CPUtemp 40C/104F
MBtemp 34C/93F
+12v 12.736
+5v 5.107
+3.3v 3.328
VCore 1.664

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You might want to invest in a surge protector if you don't already have one.

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I would check your case good and make sure it's all grounded correctly. Sounds like somehow it's not and it's shorting itself out. I have heard this problem before and that was the case. Easy thing to do would be remove most components and then just replace them and maybe whatever was bridging the current wont be anymore. Oh yea, what race/job/lvl is your FFXI character ? I had a 60Thf/Nin but had to quit when I came to college. /CRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
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i run a lvl 63 hume redmage on the ifrit server, but i had to quit as well, lost my account, i recently went back and now have a 30 warrior.
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i have a surge protector, i've already gutted my system and inspected it when i put my last psu in.

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