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Old 03-31-2004, 03:23 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default IDE and EIDE

Is there a difference in the appearence of an IDE and EIDE cable?

what about the connector?

how can i distinguish between the 2?

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Well i've never heard of EIDE?? Maybe it had somthinmg to do with UDMA modes or something.

Difference in connector is 40 or 80 veins. The fist one supports op to 66mhz parallel data transfer while th 80 veins part supperts up to 133mhz data transfer...

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Ur actually correct Rey ... it is that way .. the EIDE ..come with 80 wires instead of the normal 40 wires on regular IDE cables...

The main differance here is ..that .. on EIDE each data carrier has it's own ground wire (hence twice the no.of wires)
On older IDE cable(40 wires) there's just one ground .. That's why it works slower.
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he's correct, but he's got his labels all wrong. its 40pin or 80pin not vein. its 133MB/sec not Mhz. ATAPI EIDE is used mainly on CD/DVD optical devices. most hard disk use Ultra IDE interfaces.
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Old 03-31-2004, 08:40 PM   #5 (permalink)
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do ide and eide cables plug into the same port on the motherboard?
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Both 40 pin and 80 pin cables will plug into the same port.
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if i have an IDE cable, would it be a bottleneck for an ATA-100 based device.
since ATA-100 transmits at 100 MBps and IDE has a limitation of 66 MBPS.
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Old 04-01-2004, 06:11 PM   #8 (permalink)
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I have cleared some of my confusion with regards to cables using this site.

according to site, both 40 wires and 80 wire cables are IDE.
THe 40 wire cable is an ATA-33 cable whereas the 80 wire cable is an ATA-66/100 cable.
so if you attach an ATA 66, 100 or 133 drive using the 40 wire cable, you have introduced a bottleneck and the drive will run only at 33MB/sec.

I rummaged through my old stuff and discovered that you can actually see more wires on the 80 wre cable, the 40 wire cable has got the same width but the wires are thicker, at least they appear to be thicker externally. both the connector is the same, a 40 pin connector.

i think the new cables include a groove, which in addition to the red stripe running down the entire length of the cable helps us to connect the two devices.

All this reading has not cleared my confusion of IDE and EIDE devices. My BIOS says looks for IDE devices, not EIDE devices, and i read some place that most modern motherboards are equipped with EIDE adaptors. I also thought my latest WD 160 Gig drive would be an EIDE. According to the stuff i read, EIDE has been here since 1994.

my CD ROM is also using the same cable as my drive, so i am pretty confused.

what i understand from EIDE is that four devices could probably be stuck on one cable. so i guess the cable would be different, it should probably have three connectors.
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all hard drives and opticle drives that use an ide cable are eide. the extra e is enchanced. They just kept ide(short form) as the standard but use an eide cable.
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i still do not understand how can one EIDE adaptor host two masters and two slaves unless it has a special cable?

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