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Old 08-25-2003, 08:56 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default I Need Help With My ICS

Okay First Let me Show you how i am Setup

H2 is The First on The Left H1 is The Computer Next to it

I Successfully Established an Internet Connection With H2 But Whenever i Use The Internet Explorer It Does Not Recognise The Connection So Therefore i Cannot View The Internet.

Everything is Working as far as The Network Cards i Can Ping Them all So there's no Problem with Those and The P2P Cable is Fine So Can someone Tell me Why i cannot View The Internet With Explorer.

P.S Yes i have Followed The Steps on all those Dopey Microsoft Support Steps and I Have all The Setting Correct I am Running XP Pro on Both PC's

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so you have internet connection sharing enabled? make sure you have it enabled on both computers and that you have different IP addys and that they are both on the same subnet mask (run ipconfig /all in dos prompt also set up DHCP, it makes everything easier)

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Well how could i enable ICS on Both Computers when only One Computer has The Internet.The Computer That Has The Internet is The Only One Sharing The Internet Anyway Here's a Pic of my Connection With The Internet This Shows That i have an Internet Connection With H1 But for Some Reason i Cant get my Browser to Read The Connection.

And yes The IP's are DHCP Enabled and The Subnet Mask is Correct But Do you Notice That in The Bottom Right Hand Corner The Screens arent Both on That Would be The ICS The Other is The P2P Connection and it is Working fine
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open the one that isnt trans/rec and post a screenshot of that box too (alt + prnt scrn will just screenshot the open window)

ok, i just spoke with the cisco teacher and she said that you need to set H2 as the proxy for the first one with the port of 80

heres how you do that:

right click on IE->properties->connections tab->lan settings then uncheck the box that says automatically configure proxy settings and set the proxy as the IP addy of H2 with a port of 80, which is windows default for internet

you can also try and use the windows auto repair LAC feature thingy:

go to start->settings->control panel->netowork connections->local area connection->support tab->click repair

this is all in winxp which from the screenshot it looks like you are running (notice the wavy little windows icon on the start button if you didnt know how i knew)

i hope this all helps, if not PM me again and ill get it in my email, or just post
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Just Like This
Ya i still didnt Get anything i Tried Repairing it and it still didnt do anything PS.I Dont Feel Comfortable with Showing my IP's
These are Both from H2

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Old 08-26-2003, 12:26 PM   #6 (permalink)
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You don't have to worry about those IPs. They are APIPA addresses, that is Automatic Private IP Address(es). You get those when you can't, or choose not to, use the correct DHCP server.
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Old 08-26-2003, 12:31 PM   #7 (permalink)
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well, dont worry as we cant hit your ip w/o your subnet mask, lol, and there are alot of subnet masks to try, trust me, rofl ok so back to the question

1) so you are recieving packets on H2 from H1?
2) and you can ping H1 from H2?
3) and you are able to connect to the internet on H1?
4) and you have H2's proxy set to H1's IP addy?

if any of these do not work, proceed to the next step

step 1) i would check the port on H1 (to make sure it is 80 and has not been changed)

step 2) make sure that internet connection sharing is enabled on both computers

step 3) enable file and folder sharing and share afolder from H1 and see if you can access it from H2

step 4) see if your isp knows that you have 2 machines so they can assign you 2 ips if they don know that H2 exists, they wont assign it an IP and that will cause problems

step 5) go buy a switch and 2 more cables, and set up a real network, its only gonna cost about $50 and it will save you a bundle of heartache, your connections will be faster, and H2 will be able access the internet if H1 is down
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Old 08-26-2003, 12:31 PM   #8 (permalink)
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lol ok i just wasnt Sure because these days Hackers can do anything anyways back to topic

1) Yes
2) Yes
3) Yes
4) Yes

My Dad is a Microsoft Certified Professional
and he is a Net Tech and he says its The Browser
Because The Cable and NIC's Work Perfectly
and we are sure we have done everything Correctly

and btw i am 14 But i Learn alot from my dad.I mean i can Build My Own Computer and Set up my Own Network Thats Pretty Good for a 14 year old

Here are my System Specs for H1 if you were Curious

Video Card : Radeon 8500 Series
Video Driver : Catalyst
Driver Version : 3.6

Sound Card : N/A
Sound Driver : N/A
Driver Version : N/A

DirectX : DirectX 9.0a
Operating System Windows XP 5.1.2600

----EASy System Output---------------------------------------

Computer Name : Home 1

Name : N/A
Version : N/A
Manufacturer : N/A

CPU Info

CPU Count : 1
CPU Type : 1713 MHz GenuineIntel
15 1 2

RAM : 254 MB Total
102 MB Free
Virtual RAM : 1242 MB Total
1086 MB Free

Operating System : Windows XP 5.1.2600

Default Browser : IE
Version : 6.0.2600.0000

Temp Directory : C:\DOCUME~1\Charles\LOCALS~1\Temp\
Size : 648 MB


----Display Info--------------------------------------------

Number of Displays : 1

Current Mode (Primary) : 1024x768 32
Refresh Rate (Primary) : N/A

Primary display device

Description : N/A
Manufacturer : N/A
Video Memory : 64 MB

Main Driver : N/A
Version : N/A
Provider : N/A

Supported Display Modes

| 16 | 256 | 16 bits| 24 bits| 32 bits
640 x 480| | * | * | | *
800 x 600| | * | * | | *
1024x 768| | * | * | | *
1152x 864| | * | * | | *
1280x1024| | * | * | | *
1600x1200| | | | |


----Sound, Video and Game Controllers-----------------------


----Direct X------------------------------------------------

DirectX Info
Version : DirectX 9.0a

DirectDraw Info
Version :
Certified : Not certified

DirectSound Info
Version :
Certified : Certified

DirectPlay Info
Version : 5.00.2134.0001

DirectInput Info
Version : 5.01.2600.1106


----Drive Information---------------------------------------

----CDRom Info----------------------------------------------

Cache size : 0 KB
Access Pattern :

Drive Letter A
Volume Name :
Type : Floppy
File System :
Total Space : 0.00 KB
Free Space : 0.00 KB

Drive Letter C
Volume Name :
Type : Fixed
File System : NTFS
Total Space : 18.45 GB
Free Space : 7.27 GB

Drive Letter D
Volume Name :
Type : Fixed
File System : FAT32
Total Space : 18.71 GB
Free Space : 10.28 GB

Drive Letter E
Volume Name :
Type : Fixed
File System : FAT32
Total Space : 18.71 GB
Free Space : 8.85 GB

Drive Letter F
Volume Name : WXPVOL_EN
Type : CDRom
File System : CDFS
Total Space : 488.61 MB
Free Space : 0.00 KB
Sec/MB : Test not performed
Detected Speed : Test not performed

----Input Device Information--------------------------------

Mouse Information

Description : Laser
Type : Microsoft WheelMouse Optical

Keyboard Information

Description : IBM enhanced (101- or 102-key)


----Modem Information---------------------------------------

Description : N/A
Driver : N/A
Provider : N/A

----OpenGL Information--------------------------------

OpenGL Info

Version : 5.1


----Task List-----------------------------------------------

[system process]
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Here's a stupid question.. Did you run the Internet connection sharring wizard? I have used it flawlessly on several small networks like that..

You run in from the main machine (with the 2 nics) first and it will prompt you to pop in a floppy.. Take the floppy over to the second PC and run the wizard from the floppy and bam.. your up and running..

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Old 08-27-2003, 11:46 AM   #10 (permalink)
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Nope Been There Done That Still Nothing i Dont Think it is The Connection or The NIC's That is The Problem It The IE6 Browser
That is Not Picking up The Connection Therefore The Page Cannot Be Displayed

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