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Default Hyper Threading Motherboards/Processor Question

When you see a mother board that says Hyper Thread Ready, does this mean you MUST put a processor on it biard that supports hyper thread technology or can u put on 1 that dosen't support it, but however is made for that type board.

For example, the mother board says supports Socket 478, and hyper thread ready. Can I put on a processor that is Socket 478 without hyper thread technology??

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Nope, i'm certain that hyperthreading cpu's aren't a requirement for boards that support such, you can even disable it if you so wish and it'll run fine.

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thats just advertising hype like "built for windows XP!!!!" crap. there is no feature on the motherboard to turn it off, in fact you can't turn it off at all.

when they say "hyper threading ready" that simply means that the processors the board supports which are pentium 4's have hyper threading technology.

the hyper threading is a feature of the processor not the board.....you see what i'm getting at? advertising gimmicks have been around for a while.

whatever the board supports as far as processors goes is what you can use on your motherboard. ignore the hyper-threading, if the proccessor has hyper threading or not it is irrelenvant in this case
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All true, though you can in fact disable it (http://www.intel.com/support/motherb...2/hyperthr.htm), it does slow a minor few types of program down, but on the whole it's better to leave it, it's generally faster, a lot more when encoding something or doing any video work
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Original quote "For example, the mother board says supports Socket 478, and hyper thread ready. Can I put on a processor that is Socket 478 without hyper thread technology??"

Previous replies to that original question are acknowledged.

I'm assuming that everyone knows that the ONLY P4B that Intel shows as H/T-capable processor is the 3.06GHZ*? Hmmm .... anyway, I digress.

I'd love to be proven wrong on this, hype aside, but according to The Gods** socket 478 compatibility alone is not a valid measure. According to my (amateur) research;-

a) a m/b with an 875P(/E?) chipset won't support a P4B below 533 FSB and that means the P4B 2.4 is the slowest processor you can use with an 875P m/b*.

b) a m/b with an 865P chipset won't support a P4C because the P4C FSB is too fast for the chipset

c) a m/b with an 865PE or an 865G chipset will support all suffixed P4's (A/B/C) but will not support any of the original, "standard", non-suffixed socket 478 P4 i.e., the "Willamette"-core P4.

d) I've no idea about Celeron processors, but my guess is "not a chance"

e) I haven't researched all the non-Intel chipset compatibility rules, sorry!

Like I said, I'd love someone to prove that a P4 1.4 Willamette processor works on an 875P m/b or that a P4 2.4B overclocked to 3.06+ will hyperthread ... honest.

A final word of caution - I recently read that certain m/b's "run like a dog" with a unless they have a 3+ghz processor. Do I smell shinola or ?

* why? Can't a mildly overclocked 2.8 P4B support H/T??? I read a 2.4B was overclocked, reliably, far beyond 3.06B
** various Intel references and various issues of the UK's press e.g., Micro Mart (neither of which are 100% accurate - e.g., the original, alledged statement that the "875PE doesn’t physically contain PAT" & "HT begins at 800mhz FSB" respectively. Both statements being innacurate according to each other's published documentation.)
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